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    I know nothing about that Flash Point but if Sega did a Burning Rangers version I would buy it in a heartbeat.

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    Ha ha ha, maybe you could reskin a copy!

    There's an app version of the game, if you want to investigate:

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    Played a few games of New Bedford now I've cracked the rules and it's good fun! It's a bit long for one lunch break, though, which is a real shame. Stuck with Mint Works the last few days as we're down to 3 players this week.

    Just launched on Kickstarter is Scott Pilgrim Miniatures The World:

    @dogg thang

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    Also launched is the rebooted version of Zombicide.

    "The nonstop, electrifying zombie-killing action board game is back in great style, with 3 brand new products bringing Zombicide to a new era!

    Zombicide: 2nd Edition features all-new art, miniatures, updated rules, fast setup, along with its well-known and acclaimed intense gameplay!

    Washington Z.C. Expansion introduces for the very first time for Zombicide a story-driven campaign, full of flavorful and impactful surprises and choices, in addition to advanced rules, new characters and an iconic location.

    Want to develop your Survivors and dive even deeper in the story? Zombicide: Chronicles - The Roleplaying Game explores the world of Zombicide and the hardships of living in a world wrecked by the infestation. "

    Basically, CoolMiniOrNot was founded as a community site for posting images of painted miniatures for people to rate, inspired by Hot Or Not style dating sites. It later began publishing board games and miniature games, notable titles include Super Dungeon Explore in 2011 and Zombicide in 2012.

    It was a massive success and they've done several different flavours since, including Black Plague (Medieval), Green Horde (Orcs/Goblins) and Invader (Space). They've also done a load of other games too like Relic Knight, Bloodborne, HATE, Rising Sun and so on.

    Some people say they're so humungous now, that they really shouldn't be using Kickstarter anymore, but others say Kickstarter means you get more bang for your buck as CMON really throw in a tonne of extras.

    Basically, I was blown away by Black Plague when I played it - it's like a cross between a board game and a video game.
    It's what got me into the hobby more and I love getting the chance to play it.
    I'm not backing this because I don't really have anyone to play it with (they already own Black Plague), it's quite expensive and shipping is crazy, however, I'd really recommend this to anyone on here who's ever enjoyed joining some mates for something like Gauntlet, Diablo or Left4Dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    Anyone tried Catan Junior?
    No, but I'm a big fan of Catan Senior. No one ever wants to play with me though

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    I've only played Catan lightly on digital media. It's an ace little game. I think this Junior one looks good, although I'm not sure how it's being junior-fied.

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    Looks like a slightly simplified pirate themed Catan.

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    Anyone remember The Dark Tower?

    Well, it's getting an update, Return to the Dark Tower :

    Kickstarter launches 14th January 2020:

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    Because you’re a nerd, here’s a site which fills your dark fantasies...


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