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  • Xbox 4

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  • Nintendo Switch 2

    3 30.00%
  • Playstation 5

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  • None of them out of Blind Faith

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    BPX033: Gotta Have Faith

    On the distant horizon, set against the shimmering amber light of the dying current generation sun rides three shadows making their way towards us from the next generation into the now.

    Arriving first, likely in 2020 will be the fourth generation Xbox hardware and the fifth generation Playstation console. Trailing behind them and quite premature to talk about would be the eighth generation Nintendo console, at this point presumably a hybrid like its current successful predecessor that's now eighteen months onto the market.

    As release for each system builds so will hype, each new piece of information feeding pre-orders and anticipation, swaying consumers on whether to buy one or all. Allegiances can shift as well, a lover of one console changing platform with the new generation.

    But - Right now we exist at a point where little to nothing is known, something that will likely change as next year unfolds so the question for Friday is:

    Based on your current and past generation experiences, next time around would you buy any of the above next generation consoles without needing to know anything about it due to sheer blind faith in the platform?

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    None of them on blind faith.

    I'd have been bad to the 'Bone if I hadn't seen that awful E3 presentation.

    I think I'm good chugging along playing games from the last couple of decades to upgrade any time soon, though.

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    The only system I will ever buy on blind faith these days is a Nintendo handheld. I still haven't felt the need for a PS4 or XBoxOne, although I can see me picking up a PS4 eventually and grabbing a bunch of cheap games for it. But I have always loved handheld gaming and, with reduced TV game time over the years, I just know I'll get a load of play from a good handheld.

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    I’m more than content with what I have, see no need to be even thinking about a new generation of consoles when I haven’t even gotten through the stuff out on this current gen. Seems to be the problem with modern gaming always hype for what’s coming and not actually taking time to enjoy what you have.

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    I've always caved with Nintendo but never go into it feeling like they deserve any blind faith. Xbox doesn't get any, the platform has been borderline irrelevant for so many years now and is a long, long way from reversing that for me.

    PS5 though, that is the closest. It would take an XBO style reveal to shake it largely on the basis that regardless of how initial hype has been Sony is 4 for 4 for me so far, each system has delivered so it's the safest option.

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    Switch feels like it's barely gotten going for me, I still only own a couple of full price games for it. I love Nintendo stuff but the prospect of forking out another three hundred quid on their gear at this point horrifies me. I hope the Switch 2 is a long, long way off.

    With bugger all information to go on, I'd have to say PS5. Sony have a good track record of producing a reliable system for multiplats, some decent exclusives, and they also get much more niche Japanese software than MS. I'm also comfortable with the idea of dropping cash on another PS in 2 - 3 years time (either at launch or a year post), since I feel I've gotten good value from my machine so far.

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    I don’t think I'd be spending 400 nicker on any consumer electronics just on blind faith...

    I’d at least wait for E3 2019 to have some idea of what we’re getting. You just can’t predict whether Sony are going to smack it for two generations straight, or if it’s Microsoft’s turn this time around. The general public seem quite fickle with their console allegiances.

    As for Nintendo, I expect to see a hardware update before they even consider a new system.

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    I will buy PS5 out of blind faith but MS and Nintendo are going to have to show me something to convince me.

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    I wouldnít touch another Nintendo system with a barge pole.

    Microsoft would have to reveal something utterly outstanding to get me back on side.

    Sony, well Iím sure Iíll cave eventually as they have the only modern exclusive games I care about, but Iíd be very, very doubtful it would be at launch. The PS4 has had very few games Iíve loved, but still miles ahead of its rivals.

    if the next gen were to go full on digital Iíd be out altogether.

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    Oops, sorry folks, it would seem I accidentally locked this thread down after posting. Carry on!


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