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  • Xbox 4

    1 10.00%
  • Nintendo Switch 2

    3 30.00%
  • Playstation 5

    6 60.00%
  • None of them out of Blind Faith

    3 30.00%
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    Ah! I was convinced there had been drama and I missed it.

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    Nope, just me using my phone on the train home!

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    I wonder how many early adopters buy out of blind faith. It seems excessive but countless people do it for £1000 per year with Apple (contract approach aside) because its a safe boring progression of tech they can reliably know what they're getting from. That said Pro and X haven't exactly suggested there's a groundswell of mass market interest in new consoles either, is the hype for '5' etc tech driven or just because people trust the brand?

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    @Superman Falls I think it's just curiosity at this point. Any news story with 'PS5' in the title gets a ton of attention because people just want to KNOW. What's it going to be? What's it going to look like? That said, I think there'll be a lot more consumer appetite for a PS5 versus PS Pro, because there'll be a lot more new about it. PS Pro is incredibly similar to the Slim at the end of the day, there's not much between them for your average user.
    @Colin Would you really swear off Naughty Dog forever if you couldn't get a disc and a box?

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    Sad but I'm only really interested in EDF so I'll go where that takes me.

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    Blind faith in PS5 for sure , wavering on the switch 2 but letís wait and see what happens . Microsoft are all but dead in the water as far as Iím concerned , if it wasnít for backwards compatibility the one X would be sold by now

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakka View Post
    @Colin Would you really swear off Naughty Dog forever if you couldn't get a disc and a box?
    That is indeed the big question. I've justified music downloads now as I have Apple music, perhaps if a similar service were available for games I could accept it. Judging by the prices Sony charge for games on the store now though, I'd have to say that for me it's not acceptable. We'll see how it unfolds!

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    Only a matter of time; I think, It’s definetly moving toward digital only. All it would take is one next gen console to take the leap and I think they all would follow - digital ‘trade ins’ would be the way to go, with the value of the trade being more for a newer game, just like cex. Or if it’s traded in xx weeks you get more credit. Personally I can’t be arsed with discs now, and would love to see a fair system of trade in put in place.

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    Yes, that could certainly take the sting out of it all if they implemented some of those ideas. And I am open to the idea of not owning physical copies as long as I felt I wasn't being ripped off. Sadly though I can't see the big three playing that game.

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    PlayStation Next is the one I'd buy straight off the bat.

    I have done for every Sony console since PS2.

    MS, well, let's see what other Devs they buy and if they actually make decent games and not become another Rare.

    Nintendo...tough one. Switch is great and all that but I've barely used mine in months. There's a guarantee that there'll be a stunning games on whatever hardware they out out but one stunner a year (Zelda & Odyssey was a fluke) isn't enough to force an outlay.


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