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    I think - if I'm right - my first real exposure to the series was the release of AITD2 on PS1 after Resi had hit. It was the first real similar thing to come out but it did feel dated by Resi's standards so I hit the same interest wall reviews seemed to. I remember seeing AITD3 on Bits or something but never saw or heard much more about it. New Nightmare was the next time I heard of it again but I was tired of the genre type by then, Capcom had milked it enough meaning that the PS3/360 game was the next one I spent proper time with going through it twice. First on the buggy 360 and later on the tweaked PS3 port that I stuck with till I platinumed it. Still bizarre it did so well and died as a series.

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    Played the first two on the PC, played them and loved them, and kept playing them until I managed to complete them both back in the day. Not without some strong swearing and copious amounts of game saving! Bloody suits of armour in the original...

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    Pretty much the origin point for the survival horror franchise
    Sweet Home and Project Firestart would like to say hi at this point
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    For the next thread :-

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