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    Blue Mary intimidates her opponents with her... um, heaving bosom?

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    The game has been delayed till Q1 2022, COVID has been cited as the reason why.

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    The first trailer they've shown of one of the newer characters from KOF XIV which is nice as I think a lot of players like Luong. Hopefully this means they'll be bringing more characters back from that game as well as the legacy ones they've shown so far and that will be shown in the next few months.

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    I miss K’ and Kula Diamond from KoF2000. Have they been in any of the newer KoFs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by samanosuke View Post
    I miss K’ and Kula Diamond from KoF2000. Have they been in any of the newer KoFs?
    They've been in pretty much every one since KOF 2K except KOF XII. K'was in the refresh trailer for KOF XV and there's a high chance that Kula will make it back as well.

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    I understand that some of the teams will forever be the same (Garou, Ryukō and Ikari) but I like that many of the others are getting a shake-up (the Secret Agent (onee-san) Team being one of them). Its also good to see previous DLC characters be added to the initial roster for KOF XV (its probably easier given they'll have the 3D models from KOF XIV to work from as a base). Hopefully SNK keeps mixing the teams up so we get some interesting pairings this time (it probably doesn't matter so much as players will make their own teams anyway).

    I'm curious if Mai and Yuri will end up on the same team and if so, who will be joining them? We'll just have to keep checking out future trailers to find out.
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    Some of the extra dev time seems to be going into a port to Xbox Series S/X


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