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    Halloween III and IV

    No face melting masks for you!

    In this interview Danny McBride has confirmed that following the immediate success of the sequel-reboot-revival entry that came out last week he and the other minds behind the horror hit have already started to be asked by the studio on how to create a new third Halloween movie. He says they had ideas but kept them shelved rather than get carried away and see their attempt fail.

    One thing that is never a guarantee though is the inclusion of Jamie Lee Curtis who only agreed to return once John Carpenter and Debra Hill agreed and they wrote the film to entice her. It'll be interesting to see if she wants to return again but I don't see much of worth to the film if she doesn't.
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    I haven't seen the new one but, that one aside, yeah I completely agree and it's interesting that it's the case (and it's something I haven't really thought of before you pointed it oyut) - Halloween hasn't had much value without Jamie Lee Curtis. Although I do love the original 3rd one. But it's interesting that nobody could care at all who is in a Friday the 13th film or Nightmare on Elm Street and yet Halloween has needed an anchor, as implausible as it is that she should be in a whole bunch of them. I guess the same could be said for Aliens and Ripley. The series shouldn't need Ripley. But it really does.

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    To tie in with the title, I've always found it a shame that the idea behind Halloween III: Season of the Witch didn't work out, in that they planned to have a different stand-alone tale each year.

    Instead we have endless sequels.

    Halloween - 11 films
    Friday the 13th - 12 films
    A nightmare on Elm Street - 9 films
    Saw - 8 films
    Conjuring - 8 films

    Now, before I've even seen the new Halloween, I know that Michael Myers not only survives, but so does Laurie Strode.
    It kind of loses my motivation to see it.

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    That's part of the issue I have with these films. They've wrapped up Laurie's storyline about five times now so for this franchise the canon really does mean nothing. I think another issue for Halloween as a franchise is that without the structure that hangs around Laurie it makes the films turn into mindless kill counts, that wouldn't be an issue except that Friday the 13th literally exists to cash in on that front as is more effective at being the same kind of film (given neither is scary) but without the viewer questioning Jason's survival to the same extent because 13th is much more self aware.

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    I think part of that is that the first Halloween is a much more accomplished film than the first Friday the 13th. So Friday the 13th hit a point where it could embrace the silly and the movies actually got better whereas, for Halloween, that's a big step down. The bar was higher which has been much more limiting for sequels.

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    It's a fine line Halloween has to walk as well, with no scares like most horrors would have and in being pretty low key it's hard to maintain suspense and all too easy to get caught up in one upping yourself or throwing stupid things in like the entirety of Halloween: Resurrection. It doesn't work at all for Myers whilst fits Jason perfectly, Halloween and Friday the 13th share a lot of DNA but Halloween could never have attempted a Jason X or Freddy vs Jason type entry.

    I'll keep it to what trailers have shown - but the new entry frames things in an interesting way in order to justify the characters and their actions but even then it has to reach in places to accomplish its story arc.

    Always amused me when people hoped for a Freddy vs Jason vs Michael movie, Myers would get slaughtered in that face off. The Freddy vs Jason vs Ash idea though... Groovy.

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    John Carpenter says he's willing and ready to return to compose the music for the new third film

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    i am a big fan of the original Halloween III - incredibly sinister film, with massive potential for a remake.

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    Confirmed for next year, Halloween III will be titled Halloween Kills

    For 2021, Halloween IV will be titled Halloween Ends

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    McBride confirms that the two new films will have their own narratives but will bring an end (again) to the Lorie and Myers storyline of this timeline.


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