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    Back on topic, its a real a tough call as I love PGA Golf III so much, but I would have go give it to Madden 92- The perfect sequel and the best 2 player sports game of the 16 bit generation imo.
    Yeah, both of them are great. Those games made me enjoy American football and golf. I also have no interest in hockey, but spent loads of time playing NHL Hockey 92 with a friend.

    Quote Originally Posted by vanpeebles View Post
    Still no Buck Rogers...

    You'll have to do with these lovely ladies from Buck Rogers.

    Quote Originally Posted by nakamura View Post
    Lotus isn't EA either, tenuous at best.
    Well, it's not like I've got it wrong -- EA published a lot of games that weren't made in-house. So if you see EA as a publisher, including games like Baseball 2020 and Lotus is fine.

    Of course, I do get the fact that games like Madden, PGA, and NHL scream "EA" more than some other games on the list, but I decided it would be more interesting to celebrate the broad range of sports & racing games EA published.

    Quote Originally Posted by samanosuke View Post
    I mean, really, who is going to choose Lotus when it’s just a port of an Amiga game that’s nowhere near the quality of the original? And it’s a game by Gremlin (or was it Magnetic something-or-other?), not EA.

    I can only assume that Gremlin didn't have the cash to publish both Lotus games for the Mega Drive, so they did a deal with EA. I clearly remember seeing the boxes on shelves and you'd think they were EA racing games. Some people might look at the games listed and feel that a Lotus game is their favourite of the bunch.

    So, sometimes I focus on a developer, such as The Bitmap Brothers, and sometimes it's a publisher. It's just a fact that EA published a lot of games that weren't made in-house, or were published by other companies for different formats.

    I get that people look back and focus on Madden, NHL Hockey, PGA, Road Rash -- but my list shows that EA delivered a lot more than that. I think it's a positive thing that the company published games that might not have reached the market without them funding it. Super Baseball 2020 for the MD is a prime example.
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