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    WTD Megadrive/MCD (NTSC-J) games

    Looking to put together a decent Megadrive collection. Shooters and the classics are higher priorities; not expecting them to be immaculate either, but decent condition + complete would be nice.

    Let me know if you've got things you're wanting rid of

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    I think I have a few like E-Swat back in the UK. I'll see if I can dig them out before the meetup and let you know what they are.

    Chances are high you've got them already, though!

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    You can bring him everything he needs from Japan!!!!!!!!

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    Chances are minimal that I already have them, as I'm starting from nothing and have not picked up anything else yet!

    Definitely happy to see what I can take off your hands when you're back, and if by chance you do stumble into a 100 yen store piled high with them and have got space in your suitcase...

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    I have some spares, I’ll drop you a list

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    It got lost among the deluge of messages on WhatsApp but you can have the games I mentioned for free if you let me know before I leave tomorrow.


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