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    I threw a few corpses on to a camp fire then cooked my dinner over their burning carcasses. Yep, very disturbing but wow, I was surprised I could do that.
    Love the game but I still can't get in to the controls. Yesterday I wanted to greet a passer by. So I held down the RT button to bring up the greeting menu but ended up shooting the poor sod in the face!
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    *mental note*
    Don't try to high-five Yakumo in the street.

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    I spent 3 hours on Sunday just riding around the snow capped hills and mountains of the start area, was looking for a rare horse, and just soaking up the atmosphere. Hearing the calls of a big elk off in the distance makes me all tingly, its so earry.

    So I put the controller down and go for a pee break. When i come back I the room I find my other half with a big grin on her face swimming around in a lake,

    I wanted to see if the horsey could swim 😁, she says, oh and I found a fishy!

    Turns out in her mini adventure shed found the one lake in the game with the legendary fish in it.

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    I was just asked to follow a dude out of Valentine and I went to the wrong spot on the map (I went to the bottom of a cliff and he was on the edge at the top) and by the time I got back up top he fell and died. The game then told me my honour had taken a hit. And then it auto saved. I hate that. This is a gaming IRK of the highest order. The highest!!

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    I've started this again as I was only a little way in and I want to play the story out my way, not have it steered by something out of my control ... Though if it happens again I'll just roll with it.

    Going back to the start there really is a noticeable difference with the HDR turned off. The darker scenes look so much better and the red writing in the titles really pops against it.

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    Finally started this last night after a week of going out!

    Wow, that's a strong start. Really immersive. I felt cold playing it.

    I couldn't help but think of Hateful Eight because of the Western theme, the weather and the music.

    Snow effect was amazing!

    I've still got the training wheels on, but I've enjoyed the first few missions.

    Yup, great so far and I'm looking forward to playing more.

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    I feel like playing RDR2 is like reading a long book, the worst thing to do is to try and play it if you're not completely in the right mood. Means it'll take an age to get through but the experience is much better. It can really make you hanker for something more immediate and the second you feel like that it's best to take a night off to focus on something else rather than try and push on

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    I agree, but that ain't your style, Supes!

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    17 hours in. Wow what a difference, this first 10 hours experience was not at all reflective of my impressions in the last 7. I tried to consider what changed, and I think the answer is tied to engaging in the wonderful storylines, but more inportantly this is a game that requires a higher degree of learning to enjoy than I am most used too. I forgot the joy of learning new game mechanics without hand holding. Just learning how to hunt 3 star creatures with the right tool for perfect pelts was something I discovered after 15 hours, and the enjoyment of playing essentially a hunting sim was quite unexpected. Bow and arrow in the woods looking for rodents or long range scope for larger animals.

    The side quests and missions, not least random events are very fun. From bank heists to arson, it is really well done. I have so much left to do, and am really enjoying it. The controls are growing on me, but feel like they could have been better, or maybe it is fun to learn new mechanics on that front.

    The small details are also making a difference, hints at a violent past or hidden corners of countryside with a little detail that makes you realise the effort it required to build such a fast world with so much care and attention. I can’t help but wonder if after another 17 hours I will be thinking masterpiece.


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