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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    Yeah, I'm mega late to the party. It's only taken me until chapter 2 to go full on Westworld and ignore the story, enjoying it though!
    This is Colin? Enjoying a modern AAA game ...


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    There's usually about one a year to be fair.

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    The absolute worst at will power. Despite my misgivings about the game I caved in the worst way and bought the PC version last night, took an hour or so to download the whopping 130GB file and it looks like we have... another GTA4 situation. Didn't get past half the Rockstar logo CG, I'm apparently not alone and the game is an utter mess of bugs and issues currently with many waiting for R* to put out fixes that should never have been required.

  4. #154
    2-3GB of updates last night on PC and I can confirm there has been a performance improvement.

    It now runs an extra second worth of the Rockstar logo CG sequence on start up before black screen crashing. Utterly despicable to first nickel and dime by making PC users wait an extra 13 months for the game and then deliver such a poor product.

  5. #155
    Console comes first for Rockstar as thats where the money is. PS4 & Xbone version runs just fine, could of played it over a year ago.

  6. #156
    I did

    Another set of updates and Rockstar have managed to get the game to load an extra second of the company logo screen. I can't recall the last game launch that was this poor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neon Ignition View Post
    I can't recall the last game launch that was this poor
    PC Arkham Knight? PC Fallout 76?

  8. #158
    Funnily enough, no. Both were a tad ropey but it was more glitches. You could still play the games like with Arkham Knight it was more about missing effects and performance issues for a new release. With RDRII this is a completed game that they had 13 months to port to PC, bearing in mind how similar consoles are to PC's these days, and they've messed it up on a staggering scale. It literally doesn't run for a big number of players and for those who've managed to get it running via a myriad of methods it then has a whole armada of issues.

    One amusing thing is some people thinking it's good they are waiting for the Steam version, might not be good though as it seems obvious Steam will just overlay over the poor Rockstar launcher. This seems to be a classic example of why everyone and their mum needs to stop launching bespoke launchers.

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    I don't really know what to say, Supes.

    RDRII took up 100% of my gaming time for months. I loved the exploration and side quests and loved the story once I got on to it.

    You've played it on console and it didn't click. I don't see how playing it on PC will make it a better experience, unless you like spending your time tweaking grass resolution settings for 8 hours, rather than actually playing it.

    I played it on a PS4 Pro, so it looks better than standard but worse than a maximised PC, and I found myself regularly stopped in my tracks by how beautiful the game looked. Light streaming through a window, the sun rising and bathing everything in orange, looking down on a valley and watching shafts of sunlight breaking through the clouds and lighting the land below, bolts of lightning streaking down, the blue hue of a night time desert, a pack of wolves teaming up to fight a bear, an eagle swooping down and catching a fish.

    I've said it before, your pie-eating-contest style of gaming is impressive, but sometimes, you just need to let a game take its time and get in your veins.

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    I won't lie, there's an element of it being daft I've picked it up again but I think I was swung by the idea of it being a bit of a background game to pick at and by all accounts - once it's actually running - the game is vastly better to play on PC because the 60fps gameplay removes a lot of the feel of sluggish, over animated movement to combat and player actions. I've seen video and screens from those who've managed to get it running to pace at least for a while (apparently Chapter II and III really start to cripple it but Chapter I has resulted in some great imagery) and it's comfortably superior looking to the console versions too so I got launch day suckered in a little. I didn't anticipate three nights of playing with BIOS update research, Admin rights and file verifications... not unless this is a new DLC mission


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