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    I went to see a farmer last night, punched him twice then went back to camp. Took me an hour... an hour.

    Where's my GTA6 dammit?

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    This game constantly throws so much at you.
    Basically, I "just" wanted to explore the map a bit, but found a witch. She had half a treasure map. The other half was on the other side of the map.

    Getting there, I found a hermit, was ambushed by two different gangs, found a gang of safe robbers, saved a guy from a wolf, found a hanging body and was ambushed, found a tent and was ambushed again and saw a guy getting taken to jail.

    Finally made it to the house with the other half of the map then went to bed! (IRL)

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    I think I've hit a wall with the game. I can't remember the last time I hit this particular wall with a title either, it's such an odd position to be in. I think the game is in many ways amazing, it's so easy to lose time into it when you're playing and there's a real sense of place to the game. But I'm done with it.

    My issue is, next week it'll be approaching a month since the game came out and I'm still pretty early into the title - And it's great... and it's putting me off gaming as a whole.

    What happens is, I have to be in the mood to even turn RDR2 on. If I am I'll maybe spend an hour or two and all will be good, enjoying my time perfectly. But then it'll be 2-3 nights before I can muster the will to put it on again because I know that as much as I'll enjoy it I will be going into the experience with the full knowledge it's a slow burn, with little excitement and ropey controls. But - But I won't put anything else on either. For some reason I'm finding myself being put off trying to get into anything else either, presumably fearful that I'll never return to RDR2 if I do.

    I've played enough to know three things about RDR2. It's not as good as GTA5, it may not be as good a 'game' as RDR1 and it's amazing in many ways but it's 100% not a 10/10 experience for me - it being a technical accomplishment is never enough to carry it across that particular line. But I do kind of love it too. So I've come round to the idea that if I play anymore I'll painfully chip at it and if I drop it later I'll have done so much I won't want to start again and it'll go unfinished forever. If I leave it now I can pick it up cheap later on when I'm properly in the mood or when Rockstar quits cheapskating its fanbase and gets the witheld PC version out the door.

    It probably is GOTY. But I'm looking forward to playing something that puts being a game before being an experience again.

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    Finished Chapter 4 and started Chapter 5 yesterday morning and love the setting of Chapter 5.Cant wait to get on it when I get in.

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    Unfogged a lot of the available map with a couple of patches in the middle left.

    I found the trapper shop on the West of the map and saw a big cat.
    Tried to research it, but my horse threw me off and the cat killed me.
    Tried again and the cat killed me again.
    Tried a third time and a bear attacked me.
    Tried a fourth time and another bear attacked me!

    Still not found the cougar, but got two bear skins right next to the trapper for my hassles.

    Sick of this rubbish horse, so I went to the frozen North to find an Arabian one that's the best non-DLC one apparently.
    Took a few attempts to tame it, but then dragged the old horse back to the stables and started again with the bonding procedure with my new horse.

    I also bagged the legendary elk.

    It's so easy to do bits of nothing.

    I loved mooching around the map and seeing new things from alligators and trams in the SE corner to the old battlefield trenches.
    There's a site with an desolate school in the middle and a load of graves outside that was a bit chilling when you put two and two together.

    There's also great big sections of nothing too.
    I almost wished I could be a hermit and grow my own veg and live off the land.

    Everybody is pretty hostile though. Literally only one guy has tolerated me sitting by his camp fire, everyone else just draws their guns.

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    War veteran keeps going on about only having one leg. I got so sick of his whining that I decided to get a sniper rifle out and shoot the other one off but I'm not allowed to equip weapons in the town currently so that'll have to wait. Just onto CH4 now. End of CH3 was pretty epic. Start of CH4 had a good sequence but then the "open world" once again revealed itself to not be really because what I actually wanted to do next the game completely blocked me from doing as usual. I remain in awe of this game, love it and hate it in equal measure a lot of the time. It is also crippling me because I don't feel I can invest time in anything else for fear that if I do then I will never return to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    It is also crippling me because I don't feel I can invest time in anything else for fear that if I do then I will never return to it.
    I totally get that. It's why I stopped playing Monster hunter: World, despite there being loads left to do and regular updates.

    I'm not massively struggling with the controls, but there's so many options I do tend to make the odd mistake.
    Riding my horse, it's R2 and square to greet people and raise status.
    Not when you're in cinematic mode! You'll hijack their horse! Ha ha ha! Oops!

    I keep thinking about pushing the story, but then I think about finding the legendary animals or crafting some talisman perks or finding the carvings!

    It's such a great game and so much to do.

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    Played a bit more last night and I still love just taking in the place.

    Did the mission that unlocks the fence.

    I also, might've used the glitch that lets you get 30 gold bars worth $15k.

    I then realised there's a load of trinkets I can make using the legendary animals that give buffs.
    I had 2, but set off finding some of the others.
    I got the boar and ram, but couldn't find the elk, somewhere in the mountains NW of Strawberry.

    Loads of random encounters on the way like a guy who was lost, a palaeontologist looking for dino bones, a hunter with his foot in a trap and so on.

    So, I'm sticking with the plan to hunt the legendary animals as the game allows at this stage before moving on.


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    I love reading about all the randomness in this game from everyone.


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