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    Castlevania Requiem: Rondo of Blood & Symphony of the Night PS4

    Symphony of the Night sits comfortably in my top 10 or even top 5 video games ever, so I was excited to see this coming out. I'd happily go through this again, picking up some trophies along the way. Plus, I get to play Rondo of Blood too. Which is ace, but bloody solid!

    I've got to say though, Konami have disrespected me, my family and these great games with this release. It should have been more. SOTN deserves to be celebrated just as much as Capcom go about celebrating their awesome game series. Okay maybe it didn't need to be anything more than just having these games available again as they may have been missed out by some gamers of today.

    Some galleries, 'making of' content (maybe difficult now that Igarashi has moved on), challenges and possibly more imaginative love. Instead we get some standard display options (one bizarre Interlace mode option!) and trophies. Oh and we have the pointless (in my opinion) PSP port of the game. The port is fine but they rerecorded the voices and changed some of the "legendary" dialogue.

    The games are fine though. Can't argue with them. I'm happily playing through Symphony again whilst Arthur Morgan waits patiently at camp.

    If you've never played SOTN, I command you to do so... Its a masterpiece.

    Anyone playing this? What are your thoughts?

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    I had it at launch.Love the series but agree with the voice overs.I can play through Symphony without getting bored.ROB is a bonus as I haven't played it since owning the PC Engine CD ROM.As you stated, presentation should have been top notch but wasn't the case.
    They still play brilliant so it was a must buy for me
    Did you find the soundtrack a bit on the quiet side?

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    I've heard reports of input lag, missing pixels along the bottom part of the screen, bad audio quality. Hoping it's not true, or gets fixed as I've picked this up. Noone seems to be talking about it though? Where's DigitalFoundry!

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    Can't say I've noticed these issues. I haven't played with the sound up too loud though.

    I wouldn't mind getting DF involved though as I'm sure I've witnessed input lag, but it could be my crapness in tight situations and the fact you mentioned this.

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    Still playing this a bit each evening. So good. It's not difficult, but it can be tricky trying to remember where you might need to venture back to once you have a new power. I'm even coming across areas I must have missed first time around. I'm going to try and go for this 200.6% completion. Whatever that means. I'm currently at 92% completion. Need a few more items before I go see Richter.

    One thing I've noticed, that on videos I've seen of this, there seems to be a way to get dmg numbers pop up on enemy hits, but I can't seem to find an item that enables this. Was it a collectable or a shop item? I can't figure it out.

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    If they were to do a Switch version, I'd probably buy SotN. I've never finished it (I've only played a little of it), though I loved Dawn of Sorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    I've heard reports of input lag, missing pixels along the bottom part of the screen, bad audio quality. Hoping it's not true, or gets fixed as I've picked this up. Noone seems to be talking about it though? Where's DigitalFoundry!
    Not Digital Foundry, but a very well produced video that covers all versions of symphony and Rondo right up to Requiem...

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    Nice one @hudson, eased a lot of fears about playing it. Really looking forward to playing Rondo especially, haven't played it before.

    Looks like John Linneman had a hand in making that video according to the credits, so it might aswell be DF

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    Actually quite surprised at how thorough that video is; nice!

    I've been playing this a fair bit - I've been nagging a friend to play Symphony for years who, when they did, struggled with the exploration side of things and dropped it. This was a nice opportunity to stream me playing through it for them and at least letting them see it in full. I'd noticed a few little graphical quirks, but it's still a great way to play it. As an aside - everyone always mentions the change in voice over for the PSP/PS4 version, but never the loss of "I am the Wind"! Don't mind me, I'll be over here, pouring one out for that sax solo...

    I've got Rondo to 100% completion now, and it's just a case of farming money to buy the Duplicator in Symphony to get a platinum on this. I love replaying these games and will gladly throw money at both again and do it all over again come Playstation 5, Xbox whatever, etc...

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    I did you finsd the difficulty on Rondo? I've only scratched the surface and got rinsed by some boss. Second boss I think.

    What does the duplicator do and jeez, seems like it gonna be a deep grind to get it.
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