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    I played the demo last night and spent a pleasant 30 minutes or so with it. There are no surprises. We know Tetris and we know Mizuguchi's touch by now ... but it's a nice spin on the game and feels good to play. It looks very pretty on the TV but I think this begs to be played in VR to get fully immersed (I sold mine so don't have a set-up right now).

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    Is the uk getting a physical version of this as i have looked everywhere and i can't see it listed. Only one i have found is the usa version on they seem to be getting physical over there but not seen it here.

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    Confirmed (yesterday) that it won't be getting a UK physical release.

    Very sad to report we just confirmed there won't be a physical version available in UK (at least not at launch, possibly much later but possibly not) Sorry to only be able to report this now (FWIW, all discs have all languages, so amazon fr or de is an option...)
    Source: Twitter

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    Ended up getting it from Amazon usa for 40 and that included the import fee been paid, sorry uk you lost a sale with this crap.

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    So annoying. I went to VGP. It really irritates me more than it should when games are not released physically.

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    Worth mentioning PAL version is available in France seems the game won’t be available in UK but you can grab a copy from Amazon France.

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    What a fantastic Tetris game on PS4 for all the reasons that fellow peeps have mentioned already but why can't I change the button layout on the face buttons... It's screwing me over badly!

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    Can anyone confirm if the Japanese version has English language options?


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