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    Anyone tried VR? Can you move the tetraminos as if you are in Minority Report?

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    This is another game greatly enhanced in VR mode. A Minority Report style control interface would be novel if somewhat tiring. Playing in VR is true escapism as you get hooked in by the audio. It's almost therapeutic. When you're in there and focussed on the tetrominoes it is a great distraction from things. Even though you get sections where it all ramps up the overall result is quite calming.

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    The VR implementation is really well done but I do prefer my own sound system to headphones - that is the only drawback. An amazingly well curated journey - Mizuguchi really knows how to create a route.

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    It says a lot about the power of VR that I'm happily to pay £35 for Tetris in 2018. It was always going to be great given the pedigree of not just Mizuguchi but the original game ... two great worlds colliding with lashings of VR fairy dust on top. But like many things it's only once you play it and everything clicks and you're right in the zone, smiling, feeling great, looking down on the Moon's surface, watching the Lunar Rover drive by while the vibes chill you out for the next wave.

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    The "theater" mode in games usually annoys me for the spelling but it is good enough in this!

    Prayer Circles in playback mode is hugely compelling.

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    Typical after I’ve just bought a US copy.

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    Does anyone know where on earth the weekly ritual is? Is it only for ps plus members or does it appear in a menu somewhere as for the life of me I can’t find it anywhere yet some people are obviously doing it as I have seen screens of it.

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    My copy just turned up, not US as advertised, Chinese. Going back and I’ll get the UK copy.


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