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    Mortal Kombat is The Spice Girls.
    Is that better than the Sugababes?

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    Never forget the IMPACT of Midway cabinets. As much as the main game was vastly inferior, the arcade version of MK2 was *majestic*, *booming*, it dropped bombs in terms of crisp noise n' presence. SF2 could be on any cab as long as it had two sets of six Button controls. Even the official cab wasn't majestic.

    Midway had some majesty, bravado. But Marius said it all, when it comes to a Grand National do you bet on a horse with three or four legs?

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    I love Mortal Kombat. My history with the franchise stems from the Megadrive trilogy, which I played a LOT with my next door neighbour/best mate when I was a kid. 2 got the most play, however we enjoyed all of them. I think he actually owned them but we swapped them back and forth all the time.

    Very fun games at the time although he did mostly win which was annoying, the bastard (note to self: must let that go).

    I replayed them at uni about 10 years back and boy, they have not withstood the test of time at all. Apart from the nostalgia, there's not much reason to play them these days.

    What I DID play a lot of at uni was Mortal Kombat 9, however. That game was absolutely superb in 4 player. Just loads of fun - living with mates at the time (and being lazy buggers) meant that we had tons and tons of tag team matches, and it was always a terrific laugh. None of us were really fighting game aficionadoes - in fact I tend to be particularly poor at them - so the game's slow pace, simple techniques and large input windows were ideal for our lazy playstyle. Plenty of teleport uppercuts from me - never got tired of those.

    What's more, it had the best single player mode I've seen in a fighter. The story was engaging and fun, with just the right level of 90s-esque cheese. We played through this a couple of times taking turns, and I got a lot more fun out of it than I ever have your classic 'Arcade' modes or Tekken's dodgy scrolling beat em up side modes.

    After that, I actually picked up MK X as my first PS4 game. With Witcher 3 on the way and MK X's (eventually cancelled) PS3 release some months off, a bundle with the machine and 2 pads at 329 made sense.

    Bit of a disappointment that one though. The story mode was back, but shorter and not as well executed as in MK 9, although the Krypt with its first person exploration was a fun way of unlocking items.

    There were two main issues with MK X for me. Firstly a lack of content (presumably resolved by the later XL release). It only had half a dozen fighters and as many stages, which was frankly incredibly stingy in a 50 release. What's more, the DLC was hugely overpriced, something like 30 for a few fighters and no new stages.

    Secondly, no tag team. Removing this mode was absolutely criminal in my view, as it was a key part of why I liked 9 so much.

    I never played anything between MK3 and MK9, so can't comment on any of the PS1 or 2 era releases. I do like the series' aesthetic as a whole though, and how consistent it remains with the early titles. There's something so wonderfully naff and tasteless about it. The bright colours, stupid outfits and over the top violence is distinctive and directional. And as I say, I'm crap at fighters, so the slow pace and low skill bar required to play work well for me.


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