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Thread: Breaking Bad 2

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    Breaking Bad 2

    Still waiting for an actual title for this but yesterdays news that Breaking Bad was to receive an AMC produced movie that would start filming in New Mexico has gathered pace and more has now emerged.

    The movie will start filming next month and will bring back Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in the lead and will follow on directly from the ending of the series with Jesse mid-escape from the finale.

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    If it was any other show I'd have concerns but I'm excited for this.

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    This sounds like it could be very good. By the time we left Jesse Pinkman he was a very broken human being and I wondered where his life would take him after the finale.

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    The sequel movie is looking set to release via AMC and Netflix.

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    Better Call Saul has been decent so far, so I don't really have many reservations over this - the less said about Aaron Paul's The Path the better though.

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    If it's good, great.... And if it's pants I'll instantly refuse to believe it exists.


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