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    F-Zero still looks and sounds amazing to this very day, It's one of those games that I love to play every month of so . I played Mario Kart on the Snes the other day and its aged in its Gfx (which weren't that great at the time) and in the gameplay. I felt the 3D of the N64 made the battle mode so much better, the 4 player window simply made it so much more fun and I loved the ability to hold the Z button down to use the shell as a shield
    I've always wondered; why is SMK always splitscreen? Like even in 1-player, they cover half the screen with a map.

    It's not a technical constraint, because the 2-player mode and F-Zero kinda prove that the machine could've done it full-screen (in fact, isn't the "rear view", when selected, on the bottom screen?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asura View Post
    in fact, isn't the "rear view", when selected, on the bottom screen?).
    Yeah, you can choose to see the 'rear view' on the bottom screen. SMK also uses a DSP chip, which F-Zero doesn't, so I don't know why it isn't full screen in 1-player mode. It's a shame we didn't get sequels to F-Zero & SMK using a really advanced chip to boost performance and graphics.


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