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    What are the top ~5 3D Blu-Ray movies?

    I just found out from a post in the PSVR thread that if you watch a 3D Blu-Ray in the headset, it'll be in 3D.

    So I'm wondering... What are the best 3D Blu-Rays?

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    Also, watch the full version of the vr movie amulette. Itís on ps store

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    Gravity and Mad Max both use the format well.

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    Pacific Rim
    Pretty much any 3D Disney/Pixar film, Wreck it Ralph and Toy Story are my top choices.

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    Captain American: The Winter Soldier
    X-Men: Days of Future Past

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    Big Hero 6
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    Dr Strange
    Jack and The Beanstalk

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    I have a bunch I've yet to watch like Big Hero 6, Hugo and The Walk, but of the films I've seen, I like the 3D in:
    * Dredd - Great film and the slo-mo bits are mesmerising.
    * Ghostbusters - the film is poor but watchable, however the 3D is great, with a clever trick of bursting out of the frame.
    * Mad Max - perfect mix of real and CGI stunts presented in a great 3D format.
    * Doctor Strange - all the translucent magic effects look great and add depth. NYC folding up looks cool too.
    * Gravity - 3D roller coaster movie with some really exciting sequences.
    * The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - not the best Spidey film, but they actually put some thought into the 3D shots throughout.

    Shout out to non-3D films updated but look great in 3D:
    Jurassic Park - Spielberg's eye for depth of shot pays dividends in 3D.
    T2 - great film that translates to 3D well.
    Predator - The layers of jungle foliage adds a lot of depth to the shots.

    Bonus shout out to Drive Angry the best/worst 3D film ever.

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    Don't forget, we have a 3D thread!

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    Pretty sold on Pacific Rim; going to try and track that one down.

    EDIT: Got it from Amazon £3 all in! Looking forward to that as it's one of my favourite films.


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