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Thread: Killer 7

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    Killer 7

    I knew from the beginning that this game would be something special but the actual final product has exceeded my expectations!
    The game just oozes style and it's just so surreal. The story is told in a way that you don't really know what's going on. Also, even though the characters speak in English, they do so in a very ambiguous way. By that, I mean the speech is kinda messed up like how Yoda speaks in Star Wars. It's supposed to be like that, but reading the Japanese subtitles makes everything seem clearer.
    The game itself plays really well, and controls are really tight.

    Heres a summary of the controls:

    A button - Used to make your character walk and run.
    B button - Allows you to perform a 180 degree turn.
    X button - Displays the map.
    Y - Activates a character's special technique.

    In attack mode ie With the R button held (Equips your weapon):

    L button - Used for scanning invisible enemies and also allows you to lock on to their weak points.
    Directional pad - Switches between enemy targets.
    C - stick - Reloads weapon.
    A button - Shoot.

    With every enemy that you kill, you receive their blood which is stored in either test tubes (for thin blood ) or a beaker (for thick blood). Killing enemies via their weak points gives you more blood.
    The blood in test tubes allows you to heal yourself and also to perform special techniques. The blood in the beaker is used to power up your characters.
    When a character dies, you can revive him or her using Garcian but if he dies then it's "Game-Over".
    I'm still only 2 hours into the game but I can already tell that this is one special game!

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    Finally people are playing Killer 7, seems like an age since its craziness appeared on the net >_< So near yet so far!!!

    Right Venom (or Saur if you lurkin ) I need to know what the first person shooting section plays like. Is it fast, responsive, is there a combo element to it? Basically I can dig the way the game plays, how stylish it is and weird, but still not clear on how good this aspect is...

    Also, you both some lucky pimps

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    It's fast and reponsive but there's no combo system. Not that it matters as it plays well.

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    You dont want to know how difficult it was to leave the house for work this morning!

    I played it through the night last night and it's one hell of an experience! The control is absolutely spot-on and the combat (as in all recent Capcom games) is totally enjoyable on it's own regardless. Shooting the enemies is wicked fun - you can make it look proper ILL, switching characters between kills, mixing between instant deaths (attack weakpoint), close range counter attacks and down attacks (close range attack on a downed opponent, downed by shooting their legs off! XD)

    There are untold different types of Heaven's Smiles and all of them are dealt with in a specific way, some of them have armour which can be broken with explosive attacks, then you switch to a gun character and get the weakpoint. Some of them will instantly warp right up to your face if you attack it - so you have to be ready for the counter.

    Counters (once earned via exchanging blood in the TV) for each character are performed the same; just before an enemy hits you, you get a ripping effect across the screen - while holding R-trigger (gun mode) hit X button and you'll do the character specific counter (all of them PWN!!11)

    Down attacks are easier - on a crawling or downed enemy, let them get in really close then hit main attack and you'll let them have it.

    Hitting every single enemy you come to in the weakpoint successively adds to the combo message at the top of the screen! Not sure if it's increasing the amount of EXP (blood) gained but the messages are funny!

    The way the game is laid out for you is totally captivating, I find it REALLY hard to stop playing it! XD - From time you load it up and from then on it's pure style! The transistions between missions, the map screen, Garcian's meetings with clients even the loading screens are all amazing! Then they go and hit you with really well produced anime sections with ridiculously cool takes on the various characters looks - as a production I cant think of another game which is so beautiful to look at and polished.

    The music aswell is proper wicked! The world this game is set in makes NO sence! The music fits this perfectly - it'll be ambient one minute, then Euro style dance suddenly kicks in for no apparent reason, trancy boss tracks and movie like scores are all mashed together; but it's SO perfect!!!

    I havent had any problems with anything in the game so far - the puzzles while completely surreal are pretty easy to work out (dont ever try and think in terms of reality in this game and you'll get far!)

    Dialogue is a pretty mixed bag - the script is SICK but the voice actors really vary in their ability, some voices are an absolute joke but there are loads that are just too damn heavy!

    The most shocking thing is how Capcom said about how this game's system was tacked on afterwards, but this system is absolute class! It's like nothing else available and feels so perfect for the game world you are exploring - and wicked little touches added make it just as enjoyable as Resident Evil 4's system. Like if you're running and you hit turn-around while holding run - each Smith will turn around in a different way, this is actually tactical! Like Kevin Smith - enemies CANT jump out at that brer! If you're running and you get jumped, hit turn and he does the maddest backflip and ends up a good distance away from danger! There's LOADS of variation aswell - the way the system is manipulated from mission to mission and the way they've got the boss fights to work is really clever.

    Boss fights are truly class - it's never about straight shooting, here's an example:

    2 old men who's only weakpoint is their exposed brains, but you cant shoot at the brains cos you cant get a clear shot at the back of their heads. They repeatedly fire projectiles at you which you can defend against by using someone like KEADE Smith to snipe them out of the air. You need to get a clear shot of the back of their heads, so you take out the projectiles, shoot the guy on the right in the chest and his tie gets screwed up, the guy next you him turns to straighten his partner's tie and you let him have it! Once he's dead you work out the condition to make the other guy turn...

    I've been waiting obsessively for this game ever since I saw that graphical demo you got with Zelda (that backing track is a boss choon now!) - it's been years in the making but it's totally worth the wait!
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    Hey Saur!
    I'm on level 2 at the moment and it's just brilliant! Just finished watching that anime cut-scene!
    Have you powered up everyone already?

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    I've got everything up to LV3 so far - mission 2 seriously PWNS! Blud EVERY mission so far has blown me away! Mission 3 is when they start laying the puzzles on a bit more thick, I absolutely love them! ^^

    I love how you can replay missions DMC3 style! Going back and devastating mission 1 with your powered up Smiths is too damn heavy! And how ****ing sick is the dialogue between Harman and Kun Lun??? That whole sequence was off the hook - and WTF is going on at Garcian's house behind them locked doors!
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    Man you must have been playing that till the early hours!
    I'm only on level 2 at the moment. How cool is the mexican dude "Coyote"?!
    That guy is sick! The way he olds/reloads his gun!
    The phrase I like the most, "You're ****ed!"

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    Man you must have been playing that till the early hours!
    Blud I aint slept! and I'm still jet-lagged! Getting through today at work is gonna be a bit much!

    The quotes are TOO heavy!

    Con Smith's "**** YOU!", Coyote's "You're ****ed!" and KAEDE's "****IT!! >_<" all mixed into one fight sounds too sick!

    I love Mask de Smith aswell - his quotes in the TV are too classic! His voice is so quiet XD "Yeah..........I'll just set them on fire, piece of cake!"
    and this one:

    Mask: I wanna talk to the owner.
    Japanese guy: May I ask what it's concerning?
    Mask: Yeah...................I'm here to kill Mr Fukushima.... (in THE MOST matter-of-fact way possible! XD)

    I love it when Dan Smith does his counter, that's too dark! "Ooohh you bastard..." - *BANG!!*
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    Yeah, the Mask's voice is really quiet but you know he means business when he's got both his guns aimed and ready to fire!

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    Thanks for the writeup so sounds excellent. This is what the forum does well - such in-depth impressions just a couple of days after release...written from people who actually understand the game.

    I think Saurian is the only one who wanted this game more than I did, so if he says it's this good then I'm happy It sounds like it's done what it promised and then some. I'm dead happy now because I really wanted this game to rock as much as RE4 and DMC3 do.

    Is there any reason not to get the JPN version? I'd like to play everything in English so I'm tempted to wait for the US version but if the JPN version is perfectly playable and understandable then there's no point waiting


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