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    Grip: Combat Racing (PS4, XBO, Switch, PC)

    Anyone playing this

    I initially thought this was a bit basic, but it opens up into a really nice high speed racer. I think it needs a few patches before itís up to spec, but it has potential. If you can get past the slow start, basic front end and abit of rubber banding AI, itís very, very good

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    I watched a few videos of this in action and liked what I saw. The graphics look good, it seems to run well, and I think the gameplay looks pretty fun. I'll probably pick up a copy when it's a bit cheaper. I hope any issues are ironed out over the next few months.

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    I have it on Switch. It has performance issues on Switch but I really like the game. It delivers what I want it to.

    Edit: Thanks @QualityChimp

    I'll add some more impressions later. I posted in the Switch thread but the quick version is that it's a modern Rollcage and is pretty successful at being that. Took me a little while to find my groove with it and I'm not into the arena battles but I'm loving the races.
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    I really was hoping this would be a revamped Rollcage. The handling just seemed a bit too floaty for me though.

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    I think it is exactly a revamped Rollcage. The handling feels light at the start but gains weight (or more grip which leads to the same thing) at higher speeds. Also different cars have different stats.

    For me, I love this. There are definite negatives with the biggest being performance on some tracks on the Switch. The game drops res to keep it running better but one place in particular drops so low that it looks like a smeary mess. It shouldn’t have gone out like that. The locations seem to vary hugely in how much resources they require, which seems a bit odd to me but I’m not a dev so what do I know. The other negative is a personal preference that I just could have done without the deathmatch modes, or at least would have liked a separated single player mode so I don’t have to do them. I got this for the racing.

    And in terms of the racing, it delivers. I like that, even having those deathmatch modes, the game keeps the racing about racing and doesn’t just descend into combat. Unlike Wipeout (after the first) you cannot be taken out of the game by weapons, only slowed down by them like in Mario Kart. So focus is kept on the racing and I like that. As mentioned above, early on I found the handling to be lighter than I expected but the game seems to fall into place when you move out of the slower speeds. I really like how the cars feel. The only oddity with them for me is the crazy hang time if you get shot up into the air for any reason - you can spend a lot of time in the air. But the aim is to stay on the ground and, if you can manage that, it feels good.

    The races are definitely challenging, at least for me. I’m struggling where I am now. At any point in a race you can mess up and end up all over the place. In other games it could be frustrating but in this it’s core to it and it really works for me. When you’re at faster speeds (and I mean just normal speed class), it feels like the car is always just on that edge of being out of control. It’s a fight to keep it together. And for me invariably I can’t and then it’s like watching Burnout crossed with some kind of slot machine. With the car being able to keep going both ways up, there is a chance you’ll land and be able to keep control and go on. Other times, you’re arseways or on a rock or whatever. This roulette game happens on a pretty regular basis for me and I like it.

    The game has one other nice feature. If you remember the first three Wipeouts, you’ll remember that if you go off course or miss a jump you’ll get pulled back in at a slow pace. Many times back in the day, I felt it did this prematurely (even if it didn’t in reality). Grip has a similar feature in that it will teleport you back to track but it doesn’t do it too early. But the nice feature is that you can choose to do this at any time. If you think it will be quicker to activate this than to try to rescue your crash, you can activate it. I really like that feature.

    So yeah, I really like this game. As I mentioned in the Switch thread, I feel it is close to being a great - nothing in it is quite exceptional and yet I don’t feel it would need much of a nudge to have made it that. But as it is, I think it’s a great tribute to Rollcage and a fun futuristic racer that stands out among the others we’ve had the last while.

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