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    ^ Moments like those are the best and constitute the fondest memories.

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    BANG ON!!!! like The Propellerheads!!!

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    This conversation by text message:

    Me: I’m worried mate.
    Quality Chimp: I’m listening.
    Me: It’s dawned on me today that within a couple of years, I won’t have an excuse to perv over Maddie on CBeebies.
    QC: Dick.

    Dad Bantz. Waddie Moate, you hear what I’m saying @Dogg Thang ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by prinnysquad View Post
    Waddie Moate, you hear what I’m saying @Dogg Thang ?
    No. No.

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    Such an old invention now and with modern phones its easy to not even think about them but we have a bunch around the house of the kids and in the kitchen there's a collage around the calendar and in there is a photo of Jr1&2 with my Nan who passed away just before COVID hit last year and it struck me, that it's been over a year and it's possible for me to still see her even though she's no longer here and that wouldn't be possible (outside of a drawing) if it weren't for this invention.

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    I’m out for a long cycle ride tomorrow, for the first time in years. Sunday morning should be fun lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvdx2 View Post
    I’m out for a long cycle ride tomorrow, for the first time in years. Sunday morning should be fun lol
    Dress up as John Wayne to hide your DOMS.

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    I'm at a point in my radiography course I can start taking x-rays for my portfolio.

    Gonna get prepped up this week for it, revising my positioning techniques and printing a ton of paperwork I need to have signed and ready for my portfolio. Also have to take an hour long mock exam by the end of the month and have 8 more modules to complete by the start of May.

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    The European Super League
    I say this as someone with zero investment in football - it's slightly amusing to see so much drama over something that is small enough in scale that so far it seems limited in scope but how it works in context of the wider industry of football is like somehow it's shocked the world that *gasp horror* football clubs love money. I haven't read a single surprising thing about it so far, it's literally just more of the same but because it doesn't fall under the same ownership as everything else it's a scandal. 'It's greed! Football should belong to the fans!". Welcome to the news flash people, the key word above is industry - football hasn't belonged to the fans inside of the vast majority of their lifespans.

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    ^but that's because you have zero investment in football. That's why you have that opinion.

    As do I, to a degree, but despite me not really giving an ish for footie, about half my mates have spent decades watching matches and indulging in the sport. They have spent tens of thousands on it and actually LOVE it.

    I am actually jealous of their joy, their circle, it is warm, fun and immense.

    Life should not be approached like a spreadsheet. Love and joy is paramount.

    Anyway, my smile is that I just went to the offy to get me Monsters and two late-teens knobsters tried a bit of aggro on us. I hate aggro, I was shaky but I proper shid 'em up. It was a dicey one but now I feel like a BOSS watching Bithead.


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