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    Just been playing Mr Driller...yaaaaaaaah...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzFunk View Post
    Ended up going back to NAMCO MUSEUM VIRTUAL ARCADE on 360 for the first time in probs 8/9yrs. It's so old you can't even install it to the HDD, and about 7 of the games are like XBLA games that have their own cheevz.

    That's like thirty old, brill Namco games on it and they're all pretty much still full of colourful joy.

    Really made me smile. So good.
    There's a new HG101 book coming out about Namco games:

    I'm all about the Rolling Thunder.

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    Haha. I know what you're talking about! Sadly only the first one's on here but I played it last night for the first time in years and it's still bloody brill.

    Found myself trying to give Pole Position 2 a fair bit of time. It feels crazy uncontrollable but the smoothness and vivid early 80s racetrack visuals make it feel mesmerising, great atmos.

    Would be great to have a Namco Mini, it's not like they haven't been ho-ing out their back catalogue in the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hirst View Post
    They discontinued Panda Pop ages ago, I'm on the Calypso Cups now.
    Really? What do chip shops give away with their lunchtime "meal deals" now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asura View Post
    Really? What do chip shops give away with their lunchtime "meal deals" now?

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