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    Finally got my charity walk for Macmillan done yesterday after it was cancelled due to bad weather. Big thanks to the folks here who donated -

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    No, but I did smash an imperial stout as soon as I got home.

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    Did I miss the call for donations? Happy to chuck in a few quid!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuse View Post
    Did I miss the call for donations? Happy to chuck in a few quid!
    Ah cheers mate, you can donate here -

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    Just stuck my OGXB Morrowind GOTY into the XB1 and it asked me to install an update (meaning it'll work).

    Some peeps online also suggesting it's 60fps, too. Hmmmmmm. I'm not setting myself up for that level of disappointment but has anyone played it this way and could confirm or not confirm this?

    Either way, looks like it'll take a couple hours to download, I'll know myself by then.

    It WORKS. That's a good smile. I hear Indiana Jones does, too. I'm gonna dig that out.

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    A new customer requested a new piece of avionics in their airplanes: the AHRS. Now, how you pronounce it? Do you spell out A-H-R-S or do you say...ars?

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