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Must admit that I've had the cursor move whilst trying to confirm something with the Pokéball controller, and playing with a single joy-con doesn't feel quite right to me. Playing in handheld is closest to what I'm used to I feel. With Lt Surge you have to find two corresponding trash cans, they'll be next to each other. Unlike in the old games they don't appear to change location if you click on the wrong bin. I think those red & blue bins are to give you some bearings in that gym, wasn't a thing previously. I do recall having friends that struggled with that back in Red/Blue but I always got around it with persistent clicking.

Surge was pretty tough though, my team felt underleveled which probably means I should be grinding some more.
Yeah it is a bit of a lottery with the Pokeball thing
Thanks for the tip on Surge, will try that with her tomorrow but think some grinding might be required for us too

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Thanks @Soundwave. Santa is bringing it to my son, so sounds like he'll like it.
No probs QC.
I'm sure he'll love it, chloe gets so excited when we find a new Pokemon lol