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    So there is no depth or systems in it? You just catch pokemon and level them up with XP or something?

    This game reviewed well despite it not being a main line title. About 5 of Eurogamer's staff had it in their top five games of 2018. 2018 has been a great year of gaming too. I took the plunge on the strength of that lol.

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    I got it not expecting much (because it's Game Freak), just purely for the nostalgia trip. It is kind of nice seeing almost the exact same world popped out into HD 3D (kind of), but I realised any time in the future I want Pokemon nostalgia, I would much prefer to just play the originals. I didn't like some of the things they changed or "cleaned up". And I don't mean the things all the fanboys whinged about like EV training (sorry speedlolita lol) and random battles. I actually thought the catching mechanic was good and more a game of skill than the previous games.

    I mean dumb and nonsensical stuff like changing "gambler" to "gamer" (I know this change happened in a previous game but shut up). He still says "I'm a ramblin' gamin' dude" for Christ's sake. They removed all of the content from the Game Corner but left traces. There's now no games at all at the GAME Corner, but it's full of arcade machines... that don't do anything. There's no coins or coin case, but the guy at the counter still talks about coins... There's no prizes, you just get given Porygon for nothing. Sure, it avoids the time sink of the original, but again, replacing it with NOTHING doesn't count as an improvement in my book. The most obvious thing you'd expect from a less lazy developer would be to have minigames on the arcade machines.

    Same thing at the Safari Zone, it's just gone. But the entrance is still there! And what happened to fishing? A remake should improve on the original. Why not expand fishing to be a game of skill and reactions? Expand the number and types of rods, add lures etc? Nah just remove it altogether heheheh.

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    I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, it’s probably just not suited to me. lol

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    I'll give it a good go and get back with my views soon.


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