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    Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee

    Wasn’t planning on getting this at launch but I just couldn’t help myself. Been playing this for almost 4 hours straight and love the game so far. Playing with the pokeball controller is great and I prefer it than playing with a joy con. Love the graphics and music and seeing classic characters from the anime appear in the game, its a huge nostalgia trip and is pretty much how I would imagine my dream Pokémon game as a child. The major changes with catching Pokémon was controversial but imo an improvement, way less grinding than previous games and feels natural with the pokeball controller. Overall im really impressed so far, the presentation is almost perfect and the changes to make the game more accessible are all for the better.

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    Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Gonna catch it soon.

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    Here’s a question - does it work just like every other Switch game with regard to accounts? My kids have been hassling me to get a version each for Christmas but it feels like a waste when we only have a single Switch. There’s no reason why they can’t just play the one game with their separate accounts, right? I know they wouldn’t be able to trade but I would have thought the lack of a second Switch would prohibit that anyway.

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    Ive not tried it yet but I cant see why it would be different. The save data is stored on the system and not the cart so you should have different saves by switching accounts

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    This is getting really positive responses in all sorts of places...

    My inner child wants this.

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    I'm slightly concerned having just beaten Brock. It's really easy. Like, really. I was around 8 or 9 when I played Red so I guess I'm comparing to that experience and I guess it's just a difference in expectations between games then and games now?

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    If it's anything like even the easiest of Nintendo's games it'll be a doddle to beat, but impossible for most to get the 100%.

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    There’s no element of execution here though, even the Red fight doesn’t seem to be particularly difficult (assuming your party is of an equal level). The Pewter City gym wouldn’t let me in unless I showed a Water or Grass type Pokémon. I used fighting type moves to clear the gym - also super effective against Rock Pokémon. Maybe it’s just for the first gym but I guess I’ll find out later.

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    Beat Misty earlier, wasn’t a complete cakewalk like the first gym. it asked if I had any level 15 Pokémon before letting me in this time. I guess these can be seen more to be mini challenges perhaps? Or just a rough guide as to what to expect in a gym.

    Also there was no Moon Stone in Mt Moon so my Nidorino can’t be evolved immediately, gosh!

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    So how's this game going for you guys after a few weeks with it?


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