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    Quote Originally Posted by speedlolita View Post
    Must admit that I've had the cursor move whilst trying to confirm something with the Pokéball controller, and playing with a single joy-con doesn't feel quite right to me. Playing in handheld is closest to what I'm used to I feel. With Lt Surge you have to find two corresponding trash cans, they'll be next to each other. Unlike in the old games they don't appear to change location if you click on the wrong bin. I think those red & blue bins are to give you some bearings in that gym, wasn't a thing previously. I do recall having friends that struggled with that back in Red/Blue but I always got around it with persistent clicking.

    Surge was pretty tough though, my team felt underleveled which probably means I should be grinding some more.
    Yeah it is a bit of a lottery with the Pokeball thing
    Thanks for the tip on Surge, will try that with her tomorrow but think some grinding might be required for us too

    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    Thanks @Soundwave. Santa is bringing it to my son, so sounds like he'll like it.
    No probs QC.
    I'm sure he'll love it, chloe gets so excited when we find a new Pokemon lol


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    So after playing quite a bit of Smash Bros, learning to play Pokemon the card game, I've ordered this (pick it up tomorrow). I'm a little bit excited...

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    Didn’t grab me in the end, I’m just through Rock Tunnel and in no hurry to progress further. Think that’s around 1/3rd of the game so far.

    After leaning more about how the stats/mechanics work for the strengths of the Pokémon I’m finding it a little hard to motivate myself to press on. It’s fine, but an experience isolated from any other traditional Pokémon game. It may click later on I suppose but it’s not very exciting currently.

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    Ah too bad. I'm gonna give it a whirl. Plus my kids are excited to discover certain Pokémon.

    When you set you was learning about the stats etc, did you mean it was getting a bit too complex for you to bother with?

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    Maybe he meant it's shallower now without EV training? You can basically alter the stats however you like with candies. If you use the Pokeball Plus, you'll have more candies than you know what to do with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noobish hat View Post
    Maybe he meant it's shallower now without EV training?
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't EV training just long and arduous? Isn't allowing people to do it quickly just an improvement, overall? Because it isn't gating competitive gameplay behind a timesink?

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    It's still shallower if they didn't replace it with anything. It's like in Wind Waker HD - in the original they added padding because they didn't make enough content. In the HD version they just removed the padding without adding any of the missing content it was masking in the first place. Everyone applauds. What!? It's moot to me anyway because I've never done EV training. I'm just guessing what Speedlolita meant. He could mean the rebalancing of Pokemon types.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Asura View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't EV training just long and arduous? Isn't allowing people to do it quickly just an improvement, overall? Because it isn't gating competitive gameplay behind a timesink?
    Long and arduous is a thing of the past when it comes to breeding, believe me.

    It doesn’t have effort values no, it has another mechanic that permits 200 growth per stat (via candies) which is pretty ridiculous when you consider that you can feed that many to a Pokémon of any level. EVs are gained naturally in battle in other games, so if you aren’t using candies manually on your Pokémon it isn’t growing in this game. Of course a random spread of EVs isn’t ideal but you still end up with a stronger Pokémon. Post game you’re able to manipulate natures for wild Pokémon in this without having to bother with breeding. It also has the Bottle Caps from Sun/Moon that allow you to manipulate IVs after the fact do you don’t have to even breed for those now.

    This game won’t be permitted to communicate with future Switch Pokémon titles is I guess the crux of why I don’t feel like investing too much time in this. As a stand-alone effort, for someone who hasn’t completely rinsed the Kanto region before though I can see this being more exciting.

    It may also be the case that I’m bogging myself down thinking about these things.
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    Im no Pokémon specialist, but I read EV stat boosting is kind of replaced by catch combos and candies. I believe it says balance/quality of life change.

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    It’s not, it’s just that Let’s Go lends itself heavily to Pokémon GO. 100% effort values will return on the next “true” Pokémon title.


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