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    The worst console generation for me. Tumbling frame rates to support sub HD visuals and horrible bloom lighting.

    However Forza Horizon and The Last of Us ended up being two of my favourite games ever so it's a tie!

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    Loved both of them. The PS3 just pipped it, but couldn’t come close to the 360 for shumps. Had jpn units of both and remember playing a ridiculous sum of money to play RR7 early, from a member on here. That launch unit is still going strong and used for region a Blu-ray Discs!
    Only had to replace the original HD on it.

    Went through 7, faulty 360s (E74 error, red ring etc), how ever my 250gb jpn slim model is perfect - hmm, must get it set up again.

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    Both great machines. The 360 was the one that got by far the most usage by me - I didn't end up picking up a PS3 till around 2012.

    I had a 360 from near launch and it was just a brilliant machine. It was the machine that was contemporary when I was at uni, and we all know how much time to game you have at uni. Alongside the Wii it got absolutely hammered by myself and my housemates.

    It's a gen that I actually can't return to because I played so much of what came out.

    Eventually my second 360 died and at that point I decided to pick up a PS3. What I will say about the PS3 is that, great games that it has aside, it has a lovely, refined looking user interface. I like the pared back look of it. I like the orchestra tuning up sound effect that plays when you turn it on. I like the little clicks. It's just nice. It looks good. It looks expensive. It still today feels as much a piece of AV equipment as a games console in some ways, which is something I quite like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvdx2 View Post
    Went through 7, faulty 360s (E74 error, red ring etc)
    That is just crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakka View Post
    we all know how much time to game you have at uni.
    This is so true. I think most people go to uni for sex, drugs and rock n roll. For me and my housemates it was San Andreas, Pro Evo and Virtual On.

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    I wasn't the biggest fan of the last gen tbh too many games were 30 fps but I liked the PS3 more for the BIG In-House SONY games but then thought the 360 was the best for Online fuctions. ChromeHounds, Vegas Co-Op and Ghost Recon are the best multiplayer experiences I've had since PSO and I also loved how LIVE Introduced when your friends logged in, what they were playing and that magical E3 experience when you could watch E3 live and then play the E3 Lost Planet demo straight after..

    Standout games for me that gen were COD 4, Drakes II, Vegas, Ghost Recon, Ninja Gaiden II

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    It was a strange one for me too like that @Team Andromeda.

    If you were to have asked me in early 2010, I would've said that Microsoft had the generation sewn up. The 360's online experiences were fantastic, Live's system had matured to the point where it did pretty much everything I wanted, and if you wanted to play a multi-platform game (back when PC still tended not to get them) you nearly always did it on 360, because although it was (arguably) the weaker machine, it had the most straightforward architecture and thus was easier for multiplatform development.

    Sony, on the other hand, already had some great unique games (like Valkyria Chronicles) but their attitude early that generation was just all wrong. The console was much too expensive, and I didn't really care about Blu-Ray (it was the opposite of the PS2, when getting into DVD with the machine was an absolute steal, price-wise). I just didn't think much of the machine at all. Even the exterior design of the original units is odd (coming after the PSX, which I thought was a fantastic looking machine).

    Of course, in retrospect, we can all see how that came about. Microsoft had a relatively clear road with the 360 from concept to execution, whereas the Playstation brand was in the middle of something of a corporate battle at Sony with itself. The original PS3 specification included a router, and titles like SingStar and the machine's not-so-well-known ability to edit video content from Sony Memory Sticks that had been recorded with a range of Sony cameras was all part of Sony's attempt to make the PS3 the lynchpin of their upcoming "ecosystem". It was actually quite astute... But they just did it years too early, and at too high a price.

    Also, it's worth mentioning how Microsoft managed to make the 360 controller a universally accepted PC-gaming gamepad, where many attempts had failed before. Kudos to them for that; I still have one purely for that purpose.

    Now, years later, if you ask me which console was my favourite, I lean towards the PS3, which surprises no-one more than I.

    I originally bought the machine for two reasons; Wipeout HD and MAG, the latter being one of my favourite ever games, and in my top 10 for that generation. As this was in ~2010, the machine had been out for a while, and I was able to pick up a few good titles (like Heavenly Sword) for a fiver. I was surprised at what I'd missed; stuff like Demons' Souls which was simply amazing.

    This wasn't long before Microsoft started going with Kinect, and decided that the core gamer demographic they'd dominated was no longer enough; they had to try and go broader, and in turn, they watered down the appeal. And this happened so quickly, or at least it felt that way. I eventually ditched my machine not long after the whole "Sports! TV! TV! Music! Sports!" fiasco. I turned on my 360, and despite the fact that I was paying for Live, the dash was covered in ads for Mountain Dew & Lynx deodorant, while I had to move across to another page of the UI just to run the disc that was in the drive. I'd had enough, and that experience seemed to somehow sour a great deal of the goodwill I had previously held for the machine.

    The thing is, in a certain way, you can measure the quality of a machine by what you would go back to on it... And I struggle to think of what I'd go back to on 360. The port of Guardian Heroes maybe, because it never came out anywhere else. This is also a generational thing because so much of what made the machine good now exists on PC and newer platforms, and is usually better for it (like Left4Dead was one of my favourite 360 games, but I'd play that on PC).

    It's funny, too. I talk a lot about how cyclical the industry is, and how the shoe frequently changes foot. Fast-forward to the reveals of the PS4/One, and it's uncanny how acutely reversed the situation was. The PS4, coming off the back foot, had the savoir-faire provided by a Playstation exec being in a lead position at Sony corporate, who cleared the road for them, whereas the Xbox One became the victim of the "helicopter parenting" of 20 different divisions at Microsoft, who wanted it to be the lynchpin of their ecosystem, going so far as to call it as daft a name as Xbox One.

    So yeah, at the time, it was 360 all the way (for the early-to-mid-life of both machines) but in retrospect, I still have a PS3, and I don't regret that decision one bit.

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    The 360 is one of my favourite consoles of all time. The combination of the games themselves (first and third party), the XBLA download library, the infrastructure, the joypad, the online funtionality, the UI (after a couple of false starts)... I hadn't arguably enjoyed a console as much since the SNES days.
    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    This is the last gen you really will be able to play most of the games via retail disc. Many games will suffer due to no patch or DLC. For me the Xbox 360 won out in the end, just a better range of exclusive titles. That said the hardware was **** and the amount of broken units is just terrible.

    The PS4 and Xbox One will be a nightmare to play in years to come, due to the amount of games needing patches and online contections even to work out of the box.

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    One of 360's RROD'd just by carrying it downstairs - no drops or knocks, simple movement killed it.

    One perk in Sony's PS3 era armoury: Best ad campaign


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