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    Farming Simulator 19 (seriously!)

    I have played the previous versions on console (PS4 and Xbox), so pre-ordered the latest version. Relatively straightforward to get all the Achievements/Trophies (I Platinumed FS 15 and FS 17 on PS4... not there yet on Xbox One). Quite a nice Chill Out game... sometimes!

    The latest version has a revamped Menu system which seems less intuitive than the previous games. The new Graphics engine seem something of a retrograde step though I have yet to try it in 4K.

    For those not acquainted with the game, you have to do al the steps necessary to produce and sell a crop. The latest now gives the option of growing Oats and Cotton. There is a wide range of machinery available and John Deere makes an appearance for the first time. You can breed animals as a change from growing crops but this can prove a little labour intensive. At least you can hire workers to deal with your crops. The main issue in FS17 was that producing the requisite number of animals for the Trophies proved to take a while.

    If the equipment does not fulfil your needs you can use Modded vehicles. There is a Mod Hub in the game where you can access equipment created by various people, some even by the gameís Publisher. These do not affect your Trophy activities as they are obtained the same way as the built in equipment. Unfortunately there is limited space so you are a little restricted, especially as a new map to do your farming on takes up to 20% of the available Mod Space (there must have been over 20 maps people created for FS 17). Giants (the Publisher) were originally going to include a South American map (it appeared in FS 17) unfortunately it appeared as a Mod.

    You get to start the game as a New Farmer (first option), so for this you get some fields and equipment and some money - I reduced this as the number of tractors was a bit OTT, also the Combine did not cut a particularly wide swathe when harvesting so I replaced that to save a bit of time. If you want more cash you can sell the buildings as they are only decorative. The second option is Farm Manager which just gives you 1.25 million (includes a 250,000 loan on which you pay interest, so I payed that off immediately) and nothing else, so you can buy fields and equipment as you see fit. Not sure of the third (most difficult) option though I suspect you start with a loan maybe... I havenít tried this. You can do missions for the AI people who have fields on the map, such as harvesting, sowing etc for which you can use your own equipment or lease it. A source of extra cash.

    For those unused to the game there is a set of Tutorials, though I believe Animal keeping is not covered (havenít checked).

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    Interesting “feature” of the game. You create a Farm Manager game in Multiplayer for the maximum number of players and set up all the farms on there (should be 8) and save the game and quit to the menu. You then access the save in Career (single player) and the farms will be amalgamated. This results in a farm with a 10 million starting balance, although 2 Million will be a loan, which is best payed off immediately, unfortunately at 5,000 increments (no auto) and saved. This can be repeated by creating in Multiplayer again using the same save and creating the other farms for it. I heard of someone with a save with 210 million on it which seems a little excessive!

    It makes up for the lack of Gold Nuggets that were in FS17, as on most maps there were 100 Gold Nuggets which could be collected for a 1 million in game bonus.

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    Yes, you can join someone else’s farm to help them. The only restriction (assuming the same as Farming Simulator 17) is that if you are using mods (either from the games publisher or others) you have to both have the same ones allocated.

    One of the few games where using mods does not affect the Trophies/Achievements as they are just vehicles, tools or placeable objects you have buy in the normal way to use them.

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    Can you bone the farmer's daughter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    Can you bone the farmer's daughter?
    It let me last night after I upgraded the "Mating Barn" to Level 69.


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