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I personally feel this may have been their plan at one time, as I struggle to explain the likes of Toshinden or Jumping Flash otherwise.
Well, I think different packs of games would have been the best option for Sony. So you'd buy the machine and then be able to buy certain packs for a reasonable price. But then you'd have to go online -- and I don't think Sony would want to put the money in to make that an option.

When I look at the games included with the Classic, it's like someone just took at quick look at the machine's catalogue and didn't put much thought into putting together a list of games. I really think the person involved isn't very familiar with the PS1 library, because I don't think many people would choose GTA or Rainbow Six. Those two really don't stand the test of time.

Also, I don't think it would be much to expect the likes of Tomb Raider, Crash Bandicoot, and a Wipeout game. It just seems ridiculous that those aren't included. The Classic console should really deliver loads of good to great games that give people a rush of nostalgia and are also playable enough to be reasonably fun these days. Sony have largely failed to deliver on the potential of the Classic console.