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Thread: Creed III

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    Creed III

    Or Rocky IX as I will endlessly consider it to be despite this latest update, considering Balboa remains the most interesting element of the franchise.

    Stallone has said that he is retiring from the role of Rocky. The second film is out and is performing very strongly meaning a third entry is a shoe-in but Stallone says it's time for him to step away from the character and to let Jordan carry the series forward

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    Thing is, Rocky needs a proper send off.
    I don't think it would be right for him to just never appear again. Similarly, they can't have 10 minutes dedicated to him dieing or something at the start of the next film.

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    If he's not in the next one I think it'll cast a large shadow, if these hadn't have been so closely related to the Rocky films I'd have had zero interest in them and, maybe different after the second, Adonis wasn't a character I could care less for in the original so the idea of continuing to follow them completely detached from the previous entries doesn't appeal.

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    I feel like Rocky got a proper send off in Rocky Balboa and I don't feel there is enough of a story to give him a better send off unless they just show him dying which wouldn't be fun. I don't think we need that. I haven't seen Creed 2 so I have no idea where that leaves Rocky but Creed felt like a Rocky movie without being about Rocky. I'm okay with more of that if they have stories to tell.

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    They need to get a relative of Mr T to tip him ower, like what happened to Burgess Meredith.

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    Thinking about it, it seems hard to imagine Jordan would want to stick with the series as long as Stallone has (who knows, maybe he does want to one day make Creed VIII when he's 58) so given how much these hang on the Rocky franchise it would just seem like having Stallone come back for a trilogy closer would be the best route.

    Creed fans get what would potentially end as an acclaimed, highly successful boxing trilogy that doesn't drag things on too much, Rocky fans get a nine movie saga charting the extent of both Rocky and Stallone's life following Rocky from first chance to final legacy, he gets a send off again too without needing to address absence/death. Then completely end it.


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