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    Running PAL SNES games at 60hz - are lots of games optimised?

    SNES neophyte here, asking for a friend who’s picking up a Super NT.

    What’s the story with running PAL carts at 60hz? Are lots of games optimised and will therefore run too fast, or are you basically fine to run them all at full speed by forcing 60 on the Super NT?

    Any guidance much appreciated.

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    I think the only ones that were optimized were Super Mario world, and the Donkey Kong series which Rare coded to not boot up at 60hz. So just run them at 50.
    Also, any game with the sfx chip should need to be ran at 50 as the hardware isn't physically compatible with 60.
    At least that's how it was when I added a 50/60 switch on my snes. I'm not sure how the SNT handles things though.

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    I know Super Mario Kart is optimised for PAL, so runs too fast on a 60Hz machine. Also, Mario All-Stars and Yoshi's Island.

    I don't think many PAL games were optimised, so most should run like NTSC games on an NTSC machine.
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    Thanks guys - just the main Nintendo tent poles then that need to be NTSC versions from the sound of it. Any one else got any optimised PAL titles that they know of?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakka View Post
    Thanks guys - just the main Nintendo tent poles then that need to be NTSC versions from the sound of it.
    I did a bit of research. It looks like it's only Nintendo and RARE games that were optimised. I guess there might be a few from third parties, but maybe not. Most PAL games should act like NTSC games on NTSC hardware.

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    Killer Instinct on PAL was optimised. I used to have the USA version and when I played on my mates PAL version some of the combos didn’t work because you got pushed back too far, it was really strange. I seem to remember reading somewhere the way they optimised SNES PAL games back then was to skip some of the frames, or forcing it to run faster on a natively 50htz machine resulted in skipped frames.


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