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    Retro|Spective 069: Clock Tower

    The penultimate R|S of the year see's us slow things down and to take a look back into the tales of horror with:

    Mainline Entry 01 - Clock Tower
    Super NES, Playstation, Wonder Swan and PC
    1995 and a new point and click game releases focused on Scissorman, an evil presence that starts the game by murdering one of a group of orphaned girls taken in by the Barrows family. Set within their mansion, ever a bad place to be in a horror story, the tale unfolds as you attempt to survive however few got the chance to experience this original entry as despite various ports and releases the game remains exclusive to Japan. It did however manage to sell enough to continue on.

    Mainline Entry 02 - Clock Tower 2
    Known both with and without the 2 in its title, this follow up was set in Norway following a group as they try to survive Scissorman. Presented again as a point and click game, the new entry took some inspiration from the recently announced Resident Evil game however the inspiration didn't correlate to success as the game staying in its original genre made for a slow experience and RE had pushed gamers into a more action led mindset which translated to middling reviews. The game did however start a wider exposure for the series as it finally made it outside Japan.

    Spin Off Entry 01 - Clock Tower: Ghost Head / Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within
    The third release had mixed titles, a side game in Japan but a sequel in the west in a way due to the way past entries had been launched. The new game followed a young girl with multiple personality disorder and was largely more of the same which did nothing to help the franchise expand its audience as the genre was mostly dead by this point.

    Mainline Entry 03 - Clock Tower 3
    Playstation 2
    The final game in the series was a real shot at trying to crack public appeal. Abandoning the point and click genre, you took direct control of the largely defenceless 14 year old Alyssa as she tried to evade enemies rather than directly confront them. The player also had to be mindful of a panic meter where Alyssa would get more tense making it harder to stay undetected from enemies. The end game though wasn't well received and as a result of weak reviews it massively underperformed bringing the curtain down on the series.

    Share your thoughts and memories of Clock Tower

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    GameCenter CX made me want to try the first one, very entertaining episode. Haven't played any of these titles though yet!

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    I've got the first one on PS1 and will eventually play it with the translation patch. Dabbled with the third one but didn't finish it. Keep meaning to go back to it.

    There's also the spiritual successor, Nightcry, which came out a few years ago on PC. I played the alpha but not the full game. It seems pretty rough but in a janky PS1/PS2 way which is totally my jam.

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    Next week's 70th thread will be the last of the year but, as is now usual for every tenth thread, will not be franchise focused. We won't be dedicating it to a developer either this time, instead we will be looking at one platform and some select games that whilst they weren't its best they were once noted releases for one reason or another that have been lost to time.


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