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  1. #41
    I've been watching my son play this on his new Switch and it looks amazing. Never appealed to me before but yeah, looks a ton of fun.

  2. #42
    Never ever appealed to me either. Now I'm hooked!

    Wii Fit is my new fighter of the moment lol.

  3. #43
    My Brother and sister inlaw took control of my switch everytime I looked away at Christmas.
    The hybrid nature and modular pads really worked a treat.

    I've been enjoying playing it online, but the poor connections really make it hard sometimes.
    I also feel like it needs some playlists which select appropriate maps for the number of players in the game, so many online matches end up on tiny 3 platform levels and it's just too much.

    My biggest challenge has been that I haven't played a Smash game this much since Melee, so all the incremental moves and the countless new characters is taking a while to get used to. So much so, I'm still playing with the characters I was super familiar with from the N64 game!

  4. #44
    I just had to put this into my number 2 slot for GOTY. Not bad for a game that I wasn't sure about after playing it a little on Wii. I'm only really going off the single player mode really. I played online several times and it was 50/50 whether or not I got a laggy match.

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    Thoroughly enjoying this so far. Mainly rocking Kirby. Shame the online mode seems laggy. My internet speed is no slouch so assume it's Ninty's poor infrastructure.
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  6. #46
    As a total newcomer how accessible is this?

  7. #47
    The online is so awful. Starting to think this needs to be lower than second in my GOTY list now.

    @ItsThere I came into this game with very little experience. I took to the training room to practice the moves of one character. They're quite easy to learn. I also recommend changing you controls to something that suits you more. The default stick to jump didn't feel right to me. So I went with B jump, Y attack, X special, A grab.

    You'll be happy to know the move sets are generally all the same for all characters. Turn on the training dummy as a CPU to practice your moves further i.e. if they jump in do a up and special for example.

    After doing some training mode, I recommend heading into World of Light (Adventure mode). You'll either grow to love it or meh it. I love it.

    Tonight I played it with my 3 kids (ages 4, 5 and 8) for first time. 4 joycons. It was so much fun.


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