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    Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom (PC,Xbox One,PS4,Switch)

    Bought this last night and boy the graphics are beautifully drawn.The colours are vibrant and has an amazing soundtrack by the following composers:-
    • Motoi Sakuraba
    • Michiru Yamane
    • Yuzo Koshiro
    • Keiki Kobayashi
    • Takeshi Yanagawa
    • Haruka Shimotsuki
    • You play as one of five characters and there are quite a few upgrades for shields,swords,boots etc.The Metroidvania levels work well and a quite varied.Wonder boy fans will be comfortable with this official sequel in the series.As Iíve stated previously, the 2D graphics look sublime and backed up with a wonderful soundtrack,this is well recommended.Its a bit steep for the digital download (£31-99) but if you want a Christmas treat and love great looking 2D platformers go on do it.

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    I do wants. What format you playing on? Is it a large game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    I do wants. What format you playing on? Is it a large game?
    Xbox One X mate.
    Here is some info

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    I’ve been playing this game too. It’s stunning.
    I would say it’s around 12+ hours to finish, more if you want to collect everything.

    Really is an excellent game, everything about it is very well done. Character weight and movement, graphically amazing and tonnes of neat touches. Don’t be put off by the high price, this game absolute quality.

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    I was going to hold out for a physical release on Xbox but hearing so much good stuff about this game I doubt I’ll be able resist for long.

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    Started this yesterday, loving it. Takes a bit for you to collect some powers and gear, but once you have a few, the real fun begins. Love how they've done the map metroidvania style too, makes exploring and returning to older areas for extra upgrades a treat. I just got the upgrade shop, where you can power up your equipment to give it new abilities. There's depth here


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