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    1: Galaxian
    2: Defender
    3: Scramble

    Galaxian is my best of all time so is no 1 in any list, Defender and Scramble took a lot of my 10p's as a kid.

    Agree with samanosuke though, Asteroids should be on, it would then go second as it also comes second in my all time 10p scoffing machines after Galaxian.

    Also surprised the original Space Invaders isn't on. Also really liked Sheriff but you didn't see many of them - think it was a Nintendo title, remember it being part of our local once a year fair and at the time shoved a load into it just because it wasn't so common where we were.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anpanman View Post
    Also surprised the original Space Invaders isn't on.
    I maybe should have included Space Invaders, but because it's a game I don't like at all, I decided against it. I do like modern Space Invaders games though that have a faster pace and more intense action.

    There are also a lot of games from that particular era that might have fans but weren't big hits. So I focused on games that lots of people would identify as being classics.


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