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    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season 04
    I can completely understand Rachel Bloom's decision to avoid ending the show on a note where the characters arc ends with her getting her dream guy etc but it means the ending comes off flat and unsatisfying too because ultimately it was always a rom-com movie stretched painfully too far. Rebecca is ultimately a damaged yet utterly awful person and yet the ending has to have everyone pretty much in adoration of her, she's ultimately rewarded for years of terrible behaviour washed over by pulling a 1 year later. It doesn't feel earned and ironically, the show missed it's perfect time to end way back in Season 2 when it as headed towards her coming to several personal realisations and revelations whilst getting her happy ending but wrapping the show around the exit of a co-star lurched it into forcing in a new love interest and it all unravelled from there. I'm kind of glad I saw it to its end but the weak far outweighs the good with this one.

    Good Omens
    I haven't read the book so I can't speak to how good an adaptation it is, it's certainly well made but I'd be lying if I didn't say this left me cold. It's light but never funny and be it an issue with the show or stemming from the book it feels bloated, the middle 4-5 eps felt like wheels spinning with everyone meeting up for the last ep to wrap things up in a fairly rushed and undramatic manner. Bit flat.

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    I watched two episodes of Schitt's Creek last night. I love the cast and the creator but the first two episodes consisted of nothing but unlikeable people being angry and shouty at each other. So that's it for me. I ended up rewatching episodes of Rilakkuma, which is absolutely gorgeous.

    I feel we need more nice shows. It's funny because I think we all (me included) felt TV hugely improved over the last few decades, moving away from the fun but ultimately vacant shows of the 80s where nothing of consequence happened and it pretty much reset at the end of each ep. We then got TV that built, that could be genuinely tense, that had consequences and fallout. Much more movielike. And those shows are great but, now in the world we're living in, I can see how those easy watch low-consequence shows really have a place. Give me something fun!

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    The Amazing World of Gumball: Season 06
    The last ever episodes and it was a solid run though the last episode left things on a bit of a weird cliffhanger whimper. A brief search online revealed the creator seemed to have intended an extra episode that was teased earlier in the run but the studio seems to have forced them to stop one early meaning it ends in an odd place. He's hoping to get one sort of one-off or movie to wrap things up which would be great but for now it looks like a sad farewell to a great kids show.

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    How can you watch that for any length of time? I feel like I'm developing ADHD and autism whenever it's on!!

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    With each ep being just 10 mins long it's been easy to squeeze an ep in here and there. I'm just starting last years season of South Park and then it's onto some fairly stodgy stuff again, so much cramming to watch the stuff the missus won't

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    Pandora 2019

    Can't see this one lasting more than a few episodes. Garbo.

    Why is decent Sci-Fi so hard to come by?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    With each ep being just 10 mins long it's been easy to squeeze an ep in here and there. I'm just starting last years season of South Park and then it's onto some fairly stodgy stuff again, so much cramming to watch the stuff the missus won't
    Now that is a great series. Enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post

    The Orville gets a third season but it's moving to Hulu for it
    I really enjoyed last season, to me it felt more Star Trek then discovery

    Came across Best moments in Brooklyn nine nine and they made me laugh so started watching the series and i have really enjoyed it
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    Dark Energy

    Horizon looks at dark energy - the mysterious force that is unexpectedly causing the universe's expansion to speed up.

    The effects of dark energy were discovered in 1998, but physicists still don't know what it is. Worse, its very existence calls into question Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity - the cornerstone of modern physics.

    The hunt for the identity of dark energy is on. Experiments on earth and in space generate data that might provide a clue, but there are also hopes that another Einstein might emerge - someone who can write a new theory explaining the mystery of the dark energy

    Enjoyed this. I didn't really learn anything new but do enjoy hearing about those things that lie beyond our understanding and, when studied closely, call into question even our basic knowledge, and dark energy/dark matter certainly does that.
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