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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    Punisher season 2.

    Much more punishing than last season I feel
    Haha, that thought crossed my mind too.

    Could have done with less grunting though.

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    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 3
    The show is definitely getting into its groove with this one, it's got more of that typical sitcom set up where one thing triggers a series of escalating events going on. Given how it's in more of a stride it's starting to feel pretty locked in that it's an easy watch but never a particularly funny one as it rests so much on how five awful people will do awful things and as they clearly have no boundaries you always expect the 'shocking' lengths they go to. I do like the mini-arc with the priest though and how far they inadvertently and increasingly destroy his life.

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    I gave Gotham a go last night and I really like it. The GC aesthetic is nailed perfectly and it's super watchable.

    * If anyone is of the opinion it goes massively downhill at some point, please refrain from sharing that info anytime soon. ta

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    For me it increases in quality as it goes on, the portrayal of the city and its characters are very Batmanesque light compared to the seasons that follow. Can't wait for the final season

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    Thank god, Modern Family has been renewed for Season 11 which will be the shows last. I've enjoyed it but it's been running on very little steam for years now

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    I heard pretty good things about Russian Doll, but I'm 4 episodes in and not digging it at all. It's a short enough watch that I'll see it through, but even if I end up doing a total 180 on it, I doubt very much that everyone will end up giving it that much of a break to see it that far in.

    However, I'm a week behind on season 3 of True Detective, which I'm enjoying a heck of a lot. I've forgotten all about that second season by this point.

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    The Flash: Season 05 Part One
    I'm enjoying this run so far, it's still caught a little in its formula too much but it's still a cheerful enough watch and things seem to be swinging around to a likeable villain. The cross show episodes were okay but an odd bunch, for all the success they have in merging the shows there are always rough edges and structural issues. The first part is a simple body swap episode that sets things up but is pretty fun, the second is a semi-pilot for Batwoman which is broadly successful whilst the last is very Superman focused and probably the weakest one. They struggle from trying to cram everyone in when they should feel more comfortable leaving more people out to streamline things but next seasons Crisis on Infinite Earths should mean they can safely indulge this year in any case.

    Supernatural: Season 14 Part Two
    Four episodes, up until the latest one which was the shows 300th episode. With Jeffrey Dean Morgan's commitments to Walking Dead clearly limiting his availability the show contains his appearance to one set presumably to crack out his scenes in a day but other than him not being in it as much as he would have ideally been it still landed. It's been twelve years since he was last in the show and around 275 episodes. Sam, Dean, Mary and John have also never, in all that time, shared screen space together so it was easy to land its punches. As they don't know that they'll ever get him again they didn't waste any time covering exactly the moments and reactions you'd hope they'd get to, it was a much better handled appearance than Mary has been in three years. Back to business when the rest of the season is available and the march begins to episode 400.

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    I'm still on True Detective season 3 and, so far, it has been brilliant. I'm REALLY hoping it doesn't throw it all away from here. In the last shot of the recent episode, it seems to have basically solved the whole thing for the audience. I have no idea how many episodes are left.

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    It's likely an immoral cash grab but I'll likely watch it, the MJ accusation documentary airs on Channel 4 on 6/7 March

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    Catastrophe: Series 4
    The final episode has been watched and it was... okay? It was the right decision to wrap things up here as the show effectively launched with a great first series, an alright second one and then has been treading water ever since. The central concept just doesn't have the long term mileage in it as you watch one and a half awful characters try to navigate life together. The trouble always was that their broadly bad people, making bad decisions, they're bad parents too and the aim is to pluck the humour from that but it's all too easy to make them simply dislikeable if the humour dries up. Rob became a bit hit and miss but Sharon was absolutely vile, presumably something they picked up on as the last episode tries to pull her back a little and end with them being more equal again to each other. Best character was always Rob's friend Chris, great from day one until the end and sadly wasn't in the last ep though got an ending so was all good.


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