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    I watched The Morning Show on Apple TV. Didn't really want to watch it. My wife put it on. But actually it was really good. A morning entertainment news show loses one of its anchors (Steve Carell) in a misconduct scandal and his co-host, Jennifer Aniston, who was on the verge of getting axed before this happens, kind of loses it in an attempt to control her position. So it's quite topical in that it's all really about the fallout of the Me Too movement and the chaos behind the scenes when someone is accused.

    The show oozes money. It looks expensive and has a really expensive cast. I know Apple have all the money in the world and could make hundreds of these shows and still have money but I'm struggling to see the financial motives here. Hard to see it paying off in any real money terms. Still, a good show.

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    Last night's Curb was so good I woke up laughing this morning ... when Larry discovers he's dating a 'yo-yo'


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