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    I didn't like season 1 of the the new Twilight Zone, but season 2 is much better. The creators have gone for a dark, spooky vibe this time, and it really appeals to me. I've watched five episodes so far and all of them were entertaining. A couple really impressed me.

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    Thanks for the heads up - I didnít know this was out. I enjoyed about 50% of the first season, and there were only really a couple of duds, so Iíll be hunting it down tonight.

    [edit] watched the first four episodes now and enjoyed them all. The series seems to have found its tone.
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    Finished all of The Twilight Zone now. Better than the first season - I didn't think there were any really weak stories. Even the last one, which felt a bit off for the first 20 minutes, ended the season nicely. I'm hoping they continue to make more epjsodes, as I've really enjoyed what they've done so far.

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    Ju-On Origins: six half-hour episodes currently showing on Netflix. I intended to watch one before going to bed last night, but ended up watching four. It fools you into thinking itís quite a tame series with spooky ghosts, but there are moments of shocking brutality and horror there too. The narrative is slightly confusing in places (or I was too tired), but overall itís a great effort.

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    Gangs of London: Season 01
    I was wary of this at first given the concept and only really gave it a go because it's by the guy who made The Raid. You can definitely feel the same vibe at times and it being a UK TV series for Sky has not watered down the action at all with some solid brutality at times. There's a lot more downtime given it's a series but each episode tries to get some action in and the fifth episode in particular was great. Intrigued to see how the second season pans out and it's a shame it's a few years out, this is a show potentially built for @QualityChimp


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