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    The TV You've Watched Thread: Season 04

    New year, New thread!

    We put some effort in to trying to clear some recent stuff so managed to watch:

    Supernatural: Season 14 Part One

    Some nice stuff in there towards the back end of the episodes run but the show still has a bit of a treading water vibe and feels very constrained in budget too. We're still on course for a very bog standard villain season but the upcoming run will include the 300th episode and the centenary ones are always good ones.

    Big Bang Theory: Season 12 Part One

    Easy enough time passer still but though there's some semblance of trying to wrap up arcs the one focused on Raj's arranged marriage is something of a dud as the new character falls flat.

    Fortitude: Season 03
    The final season was only four episodes long, designed to bring a finale to the story which is a nice intent but the show failed to deliver. It starts okay by suggesting we were going to delve into how far gone the towns sheriff now was but then there were several other strands it was clearly trying to wrap up too quickly as well and when you get the final episode it basically ends by saying 'here's a big moment!' but not one that wraps things up. Disappointing really.
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    The Bros documentary (currently on iplayer). I'm about half way through it (probably because some things simply cannot be digested in one sitting) and I'm at a loss for words ... there's just too much going on. There are lines in it you couldn't write. A mate told me it's like Spinal Tap. It isn't. It IS Spinal Tap

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    “I always say that hindsight is a philosophy of thought”

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    I believe it means abstract”

    Yeah that bros documentary is pretty funny, it very much reminded me of Pineappe dance studios and Summer Heights high. Some people are just a gift for documentary makers

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    Luther: Season 5
    Well, it was entertaining but you can feel one foot is already over the sharks head at this point. Honestly, I think the planned film will mark the real beginning of the end of the show whether the crew wants it to be or not, Luther isn't fit for the big screen and this run didn't help it. Some fun but very low on surprises, if anything it's ready to be wrapped up.

    Titans: Season 1
    Expected little but this delivered a much better show than I expected. The dark turn of the Teen Titans works quite well, Raven providing something of a horror tone to the show and Robin and his worldview also making quite a bit of sense. Though there's a ton of face masking the finale was quite a nice bit of fan pleasing too with a lot more Batman orientated stuff that TV usually gets. Abrupt ending but presumably S2 will be continuous to this.

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    Disenchantment: Season 01
    I may give the second run a go to see if they settle into a decent groove but broadly this was a bit of a slog. After Simpsons has covered everything going and Futurama allowed them to create more elaborate scenarios, this being set in the past makes it feel limited. They can use fantasy elements but mostly they rely on the lead being drunk and it kind of meanders along without any real laughs or stand out moments. Well titled, as you do feel a little disenchanted by the end.

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    I'm going to have to watch that Bros doc as everybody rates it.

    Playing catchup with Luther.
    Finished the second series last night, although I fell asleep, right at the conclusion of the last episode and had to rewind it.

    It's a bit silly, but it's engaging enough.
    I prefer Line of Duty, but that can be just as daft at times!

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    Catching up on Bad Education on Netflix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    Catching up on Bad Education on Netflix.
    So, so good is that.

    We got a 3 month trial of random Amazon Prime channels (Hayu, StarzPlay and MGM).

    When the missus was on maternity leave with Harry she discovered a show called Below Deck on ITV2 in the mornings. Some inane, reality TV crap set on a luxury yacht with the drama that entails.

    It's. Brilliantly. Stupid!!

    All of it is on the Hayu channel on Prime so we're going through that along with Bones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddymeow View Post
    Ooo, I'd be binging on Castle Rock


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