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    The first episode was definitely baffling in places but, once it got going, I just went with it. And mostly, I'm in. The one confusing thing is around the Jeremy Irons character but my guess is that he's someone very familiar and he's gone (more) off the rails. I do love that they really just present the world as is. You just dive straight into it.

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    I finished Watchmen. Totally loved it. I feel they struck a perfect balance of telling a completely new story while bringing in elements from the original story. It had a lot of weight to the story, a lot of surprises I didn't see coming and the atmosphere felt very unique. Great characters and great reinterpretations of earlier characters. And it managed to lean into some very outlandish elements without ever taking me out of the story.

    Thanks to @QualityChimp for making me get this and watch it!

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    I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, @Dogg Thang.

    It's an amazing piece of television, that manages to pay respect to the source material whilst building on it.

    I don't think I saw any of it coming!
    That conversation through time made my jaw drop.

    Thanks for listening to my suggestion to watch this (and Truman! ).

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    Agreeing with both of the above that the Watchmen series was fantastic.

    We watched Bloodlands recently. Can't say I enjoyed it too much - I'm normally a big fan of story telling that gets to the point, but this is very tightly packed into just four episodes, with a few performances falling a little short, and...

    ... an ending that wraps up so quickly and with such a preposterous outcome.

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    Currently caning Queen's Gambit (Netflix).
    It's interesting enough and the earlier chess tournaments are tense, but it's a bit samey in the second half.
    Prefer Godless by the same team. That last episode is epic.

    I also dipped into NowTV to rewatch the Gareth Evans directed episodes (1 & 5) of Gangs of London.
    Episode 5 has better action than most Hollywood films.

    Also quite far on with Community (Netflix) and it's jumped the shark a bit after a decent conclusion then starting again. Every episode just seems totally detached from reality on an already fantastical show.

    The cast are all likeable still, so it's easy to watch.

    Also dipping into Red Dwarf because it's nice and short and still absolutely class.

    Talking of short, there are some Rick & Morty promos on All4, including a Lone Wolf and Cub one, which is really just like the films, tbh, but a brilliant one by Paul Robertson:

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    That conversation through time made my jaw drop.
    Yep, that was really well done and I think that's what really sealed it for me. The show spent a long time planting many elements individually, very separate from each other and also very separate from the source material. And there was a point where I wondered if that was the way the show would always be - almost like vignettes set in the same world. And it would have been fine because each part was very cool on its own. But the last few episodes just brought everything together and it made for a much greater finish. I wasn't expecting it to be that coherent!


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