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    The Last Dance.
    Best 500mins I've sat through, keeps you hooked, great insights to the players surrounding MJ, he was was a single minded winner and let everyone know it.

    It shows how much they needed him, never won anything without him on the team. Just wonder why now, it's been over 20 years.

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    Always had a bit of a chip on my shoulder about Jordan, given he was so much more popular than the game itself, particularly in this country, but I did still enjoy The Last Dance a lot too. Helped by the fact I could never get bored of watching Pippen dunk over Ewing, and then telling Spike Lee to sit down

    Also watched 'Normal People' recently, which basically hinges on two stunning central performances and is one of the best dramas I've seen in a very long time. Numerous heartbreaking moments, lots of tearing up.

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    The days have been melding into one and the kids are proving a handful so at the end of the day we're not really in the mood for anything too taxing.

    Prime Video have all seasons of Hell's Kitchen USA which we're working through.

    The wife got very excited earlier when she saw that both the US & Australian versions of Beauty & The Geek are on there now too.

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    Bloodlines on Netflix. A Scandinavian ghost story/horror mini series. Eight half hour episodes: nothing amazing, a few twists, but good solid, occasionally gory stories. Enjoyable.

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    Titans: Season 02
    A step down from the first season but not as bad as online response had it. Very much a season about bending the format away from being on the run to being the traditional Titans set up.

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    Good shout on The Last Dance. I watched the first three eps last night. As has been said the insights go deep, hugely engrossing ... plus itís a great snapshot of an era too. Going to make a cup of coffee and watch another before the kids wake up

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    Star Trek Picard.
    Its really good, but the script is a bit of a mixed bag. It can have some great scenes followed by a scene with some clunky writing.

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    Finished The Last Dance this morning. Really enjoyed it. Thank goodness for Netflix. Regular tv is rather poor atm ... though I am enjoying Kermode and Mayo's Home Entertainment Service. The chemistry between those two along with the pacy format works brilliantly. Hope it sticks around for time to come.

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    I really like their film show on Five Live on a Friday. Great listening.

    Just watched Antiviral Wipe. Funny, yet also depressing. Seeing all the screw ups condensed into one account.

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    The Office: Season 01
    Yet another rewatch, the first run is still solid but weaker than the many that followed when the show broke free of the UK versions contraints.

    The Simpsons: Season 30
    Took a while of picking at it but the great multi-year work through of every season of the show finally saw the thirtieth completed. Overall a very meh run, nothing that great during it.

    Louis Theroux: Porn
    So odd that it was way back in 1997 that this aired. I've seen this one before but it was still a depressing showcase for the reality of the broken mindsets working in the industry.

    Louis Theroux: Gambling in Vegas
    Apt that we watched it thinking we'd get a nostalgic look back at Vegas but it barely left the one casino interior exactly like the subjects in the documentary who just can't recognise their own addictions.


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