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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesr View Post
    Anyone watched Tidelands on Netflix? I'm hooked.
    No, what's it about, Chaz?

    Watched the first episode of The Stranger (Netflix) and it's an intriguing premise. Great first episode.
    I hope it has momentum.

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    It's about hot chicks getting naked. Wait, no. It's about drugs, murder, gore, mermaids/sirens. Australian thing. 18 rated.

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    Midnight Diner on Netflix.

    Just a wonderfully, lazily-paced, beautifully filmed 24 minutes long episodes of light J-Drama.

    Only 2 seasons on Netflix so far but there are 5 in total plus a couple of movies which is like to track down.

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    Burning through Final Space. I thought it was going to be obnoxious with the main character but I actually love it. Pretty much every character is standout as well.

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    After seeing that Barrymore doc, I got hooked on hunting clues. I remembered when it happened, it was totally brushed away as nowt. It was a bit odd but nobody cared afterward.

    His dad kept it all going. After nearly 20yrs. I bet they hate him...but this is the dodgiest unexplored case.

    But I have to say I never realised such massive damage to an arse occurred, how much the intestines got ripped up.

    It's ridiculous. Proper scandalous!!!

    One rule for us, one rule for them.

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    Thread stickied because it's one we use a lot.

    I watched the Red Bull Soapbox Race on Dave and thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks.

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    The Fear of God: 25 Years of the Exorcist (on iPlayer). One for fans of the movie: basically a long sequence of interviews with writer, director, actors, special FX people, sound people, the woman who did the demon voice and even the guy in charge of the BBFC at the time. Absolutely loved it. 80 minutes of informative bliss on a special film.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzFunk View Post
    Watched the recent Barrymore doc. Remind me not to take a swim in his pool.
    It was very sad to see the affect it's had on the victim's dad and brother. Justice needs to be served.

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    I've been watching the adaptation of Stephen King's 'The Outsider', which is really well made and enjoyable. The story is like something from the X-Files only far more intricate due to it being over 10 episodes. Everything about the production is really considered and not annoying in any way. I like how the cast suit their roles perfectly.


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