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    The Films You Watched Thread V: Dead Men Watch No Movies

    I didn't think it was possibly but thanks to the kids I can say I saw the Toy Story films too many times... I just can't take seeing them again for a long while.

    We also watched:

    Inside Out
    Doesn't matter how many times I see this, I can't let myself enjoy the concept of the film because the execution is such a bland and dull adventure.

    Monsters University

    I don't know why we didn't put Inc on, I remembered this being a weak Pixar movie and it still is

    The Muppets Christmas Carol
    As is the annual tradition, the original unbutchered version

    The Christmas Chronicles

    Finally caught the Kurt led effort, it was okay, he pretty much carries the entire thing as he's capable of doing in almost anything
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    Basic Instinct - never seen this before so never knew what a Hitchcockian treat it was. Verhoeven is a legend.

    Possession - Euro art horror at it's most demented. Very good, but I won't pretend I had a clue what was going on

    Avengers Infinity War - I'm not an Avengers fan by any means but this was great. Makes me want to re-evaluate the others.

    Couple of Mission Impossibles (RN and GP) ... both pretty good, follow the formula ... and Christmas Chronicles (we all enjoyed Kurt brings a LOT to it) and Elf ... BRILLIANT Christmas film

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    The Little Crooked Christmas Tree

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    I watched Inside Out yesterday too. I always find it to be a very strong and tenderly thought out film. Watched Civil War too, which gets better each time. Christmas Chronicles I really liked. Russell is excellent in it.

    Basic Instinct Iíve never properly watched. Just fast forwarded to the ragging bits.

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    I've always preferred The Good Dinosaur to Inside Out, as they were both released at about the same time on 3D bluray.

    Over the last two days while working on our jigsaw:

    Indiana Jones 1-4
    The Smurfs
    Into the Woods
    Get Smart
    and probably a few others I've forgotten.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    Avengers Infinity War - I'm not an Avengers fan by any means but this was great. Makes me want to re-evaluate the others.
    Its probably the best example of a superhero series of films that have gotten better without any major dips as they've continued. I wonder if they'll be able to top the next one if its on par with Infinity War (and they effectively are viewed as a Part 1/Part 2 set of films)?

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    Ant-Man and the Wasp.

    It’s still a decent little number. Nothing much happens as far as a big adversary goes. The Ghost character isn’t ‘bad’, the crime boss is more comedy than menace, and the main thrust is about getting Janet back. I enjoyed the film as a whole. The laughs are decent, and Paul Rudd is absolutely superb as usual. The credits sequence links to IW really well, and has me itching to rewatch it.

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    Found myself watching some ghastly slasher remake called Sorority Row, sort of bland movie where all the characters fade into each other by the end and you don't know (or care) who anyone is and you just can't wait for the crap to end but it just keeps on going.

    Also saw Wrong Turn 6 last night, that was as bad as this, dull and couldn't wait for it to end. Jesus, WT2 is so damned amazing, this is terrible and even has Roxanne Pallett with a bad American accent. Seriously, it's piss-awful.

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    Got round to watching Bird Box on Netflix. It just screamed The Happening, but it wasn't that bad. I know it was based off a book, but it was quite a different take to horror (Kind of).

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    Gah! I posted my thoughts on it in the 2018 thread like some demented fool. Anyway, it didn’t work for me. I loved the core concept but feel it struggled badly to deliver on it and it was overwritten and talky and expostiony about things that weren’t important to the story.


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