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    The Kill Bill films were the last Tarantino movies I ever watched and I don’t feel like I’m missing a thing.

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    Two heathenous comments in a row. One more and you can take the match ball home, DT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    The Kill Bill films were the last Tarantino movies I ever watched and I don’t feel like I’m missing a thing.
    You haven't missed a thing trust me.

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    Ingloriuos was pretty good and I really enjoyed Django too. Kill Bill did put me off QT films though. I didn't even watch Kill Bill part 2 the first part was so bad.

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    My problem is I havnt enjoyed a whole film of his in years, like you mention inglorious basterds there are some great scenes like the jew hunting and in the basement pub but apart from that bore levels are high.

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    Hateful 8 is good, too... And I thought Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was excellent. But Id taken a break from him since Kill Bill 2 for a few years, so maybe that helped.

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    Detective Pikachu
    Gave me a new appreciation for Sonic bizarrely. Man, what a load of tripe this was.

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    I watched Lord of the Rings The Two Towers yesterday. That's another long film and, for me, it just wasn't as interesting as the previous film. My main issue was a lack of progress through such a long movie. The two abducted hobbits spent most of the movie on a tree. Frodo and Sam barely made any progress at all and felt like secondary characters when they probably should have been driving the plot. Which then left the Aragorn and band story as the main story, first abandoning the mission the movie started with (find the hobbits) and becoming about protecting a bunch of people we just met.

    The battle sequence was superb though and really shows up a lot of other movies. Where many modern battle sequences just involve throwing as many things onto the screen at once without us knowing or caring who anyone is, the defense of Helm's Deep was a sequence of building strategies and defending parts play by play, each one with a purpose and each one very clear. And the heroes always managed to counter with the right strategies, they just happened to be outmatched. So it felt like there was much more to it than many movie battles and, for me, was much more engaging as a result.

    But overall, I don't think the movie moved much along.

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    I was always exactly the same, Two Towers is watchable but always felt the most like filler like a montage would have sewn FOTR and ROTK better

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    Man Bites Dog

    hadn't seen this in almost 20 years, but raked out the DVD and gave it a viewing last night, i had forgotten 90% of what happened, so was like watching it for the first time, really dark and funny, well acted a gem of a Belgian film.


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