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    Red Sparrow - thought it was a pretty decent thriller, acting overall was above average, good to see Jeremy Irons in a movie again! J Law was as usual very hot.

    Hangman - dear of dear Pacino must be nearly 100 and looks it, farcical movie, the direction was dire editing as well, it was all over the shop. A pity as the underlying premise wasn't too bad. Certainly had the bones to be a good movie.

    The Searchers - been years and years since I saw this. Certainly not the classic it's made out to be, personally I don't think it's close to Liberty Valance nor even Rio Bravo in terms of John Wayne movies. What can I say, the Duke is bastard, at least he knows it & acts the part extremely well. To be fair it reminded me of RDR2 - all that riding around, chaps, spurs etc lol. It's wonderfully shot, the scenery is absolutely stunning.

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    Monday, you ask? The Last Witch Hunter with Vin Diesel. It was pretty rubbish, videogame special fx everywhere but no way to engage with the central turd at its core. It's very poor, anyway, though I'll concede there are a couple of very nice static scenes that look gorge.

    The Guard. Last night. BRENDAN GLEESON and DON CHEADLE............are very very good in this.

    I'd put it in line with In Bruges. If that was a 9, this is at least a 7.3%er. It's well good tho.

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    Ralph Fiennes takes the cake in I.B. tho. The Guard has Mark Strong, who is brill...but not fine.

    Mark Strong IS strong but not as fine as Fiennes.

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    Just watched Split on Netflix, expecting it to be great as I've enjoyed every M. Night Shyamalan movie I've seen.

    Sadly, total guff. Absolute rubbish. McAvoy is brill at whatever he's doing but I just found it annoying more than effective.

    Adored Unbreakable as well. This is jizz.

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    Antman & the wasp: Its got some good comedy moments, but overall its a week film with very little plot or threat. 6.5/10

    Incredibles 2: Much better superhero film than Antman & the wasp. Its a good follow up to the first, even after 14 years. Very enjoyable. 7.5/10

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    I also watched Split last night and really enjoyed it. First Shyamalan movie I have seen since that one with the aliens I think so I was admittedly a bit distracted looking for a stupid twist but it was a small, strong film and McAvoy was brilliant. The ending felt a but anticlimactic but that could have been related to me expecting a stupid twist. I also could have done without the coda which felt clumsy and unnecessary. But yeah, a good film. I enjoyed it.

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    Weird, innit, what differing peeps like? I wanted to like it so much, as well. I just hope I like Glass!

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    The Matrix - First viewing since it was brand new at the cinema. Still amazing. I'd forgotten just how good it was. Fabulous on 4k blu with Dolby Atmos. I'm no home cinema snob but it's something else.

    Elvira Mistress of the Dark - An Arrow impulse buy for some late 80s/late night daftness. Pretty rubbish really. An obvious 'let's do a film' rush job.

    Into The Spider-Verse - Really, really good. Brilliant animated film - check, brilliant comic-book film - check, just a brilliant, thoroughly entertaining film - check. Me and my 10-year old were both blown away in the cinema this morning. Seen nothing like it before. Want to see it again already.


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