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    What have the adverts got to do with the film itself???

    Jesus, you two sound like Shenmue III backers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by randombs View Post
    What have the adverts got to do with the film itself???

    Jesus, you two sound like Shenmue III backers!
    Half-way through the film, it switched from ITV3 to ITV4.

    Everyone involved at ITV in this is a huge scumbag. They owe us a refund

    How do I request a refund?
    You guys dont need my money anymore. A slap in the face of the fans that supported you.

    You are betraying your earliest, most loyal supporters!
    We helped you create this film with our money, we gave you our trust!

    You lied to us, you stab us in the back, and you have the audacity to pass this off as good news?
    I demand to be instantly notified of where and how to get a refund for this fraud!

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    The Equalizer 2
    Very late catching up on this one and putting the likes of Wick aside this is still a very weak sequel. Over long, over dull, over simple with a single reveal you clock the second the character is introduced, Denzel deserves better.

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    I mentioned it before, but I saw The Equalizer and it was okay (better than people expected), but the action is all quick edits. You don't see Denzel connect a single hit.

    The next day I saw John Wick at the cinema and it just made the lazy fight choreography in Equalizer even more obvious.

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    The Equalizer would be considered a pretty good action film 10 years ago but John Wick just steps it up.

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    I'm personally waiting for the new Lion King.
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    Watched a couple last two nights.

    First off, Halloween 3, the old 1982/3 one. Used to love it as a kid, was brilliantly weird. Now, it's very leaden, first hour craaaawls by. Stonehenge stuff is still ace. Dan O' Herlihy is always brill (he's ace again here). Would I watch it again? Hmmm. Maybe not. It's dull. It made me a bit sad, used to proper love this film.

    Next up...The Raid. Good but forgettable and suffers from vastlyoverrateditis. It was OK, I guess, lots of people hitting stuff and such. Started to nod off in last hour tbh, got bored of the infinite corridor fisticuffs. Really nice cinematography tho, quite desolate and otherworldly it feels.

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    I'm trying to watch the new Predator, it's a real chore. I'll write more if I have the patience to watch the rest. But what I will say is, Predator dogs, REALLY? REALLY?

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    Two of my faves, @JazzFunk!

    Sorry you didn't enjoy them to the max, and I guess I know where you're coming from.

    Halloween III has always been silly and the pace at which it moves after that first hour is ridiculous, but it's so much fun. That soundtrack really helps set the tone.
    I love the ending too!

    It's funny that you describe The Raid as suffering "vastlyoverrateditis". Before it came out, if someone said it's an Indonesian film, directed by an unknown Welsh director with unknown actors in practically one location, nobody would have had high expectations for it!

    Now, because people have seen it and loved it, it's unfairly tagged as overrated!
    It's not perfect and the fights can get a bit much, but it's one of the best thrill rides I've had at the cinema.

    I deffo need to see it again at some point.

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    Fast & Furious

    Rubbish. I spent most of the film checking the clock. Rubbish CGI-infested driving scenes on the odd occasion there was any actual driving. I was ready to give up on our mission to watch all the F&F films but decided to give the series one last chance to win me back...

    Fast 5

    ...and win me back it damn well diddly-did

    This one was wicked.

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    So glad I saw this in the cinema. Wife loved it, too.


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