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    WTD Morrowind Xbox

    EDIT: now found a copy so no longer required.

    Hello chaps

    Has anyone got a copy of this going spare? I’d like it to come with the map ideally, but let me know what you have.

    For the avoidance of doubt it’s the original game on the OG Xbox I’m looking for, not the MMO expansion on the Bone.


    fake edit: I got this in the right folder this time....
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    Probably of no use but I have a pc copy you’re welcome to.

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    Thanks @Brad but I don’t have a PC I’m afraid, just a work MacBook 12” I’m loathe to put Windows on. Want an Xbox version to use on my new Bone

    Thanks again though.

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    It was released digitally for £11.99 not too long ago (March of 2018). It could go on sale, such as Panzer Dragoon Orta and SSX 3 have recently, but it's unlikely.

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    Thanks @Deuteros, it’s just I kinda want a physical version to go with my other TES games (I’m not looking to save money, £12 is a perfectly fair price IMO!).


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