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    Quote Originally Posted by Lebowski View Post
    You can mix the two in a way if you use all the bits in game it unlocks them digitaly and lets you play with them withouht using the toys, ive moved away form using the ship mount as I'm playing it a lot in handheld and am just swapping weapons out via the menu, its not explained but if you have the switch version you also get a digital version of the main game ship as well as a third weapon the shredder.
    You get the items in digital and physical form unlocked permanently from the starter pack only. However when using the mount anything you 'plug in' is only unlocked for 7-days. However you cannot access any digital packs you've purchased unless you unplug the mount. So you have to go one way or the other. Startail or the two exclusive ships (not that these particularly matter) aren't currently available digitally either.

    And that was my point, that it would have been nice to purchase a pack like this (Starlink: Battle for Atlas™ - Eli Pilot Pack) and be able to use it with physical items.

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    Nintendo UK Store is still selling this for 70 ROFLMAO

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    It is a really good game this isn't it. I got it on Switch for the Star Fox content and Xbox. It looks so much better on Xbox X though.
    I think I paid 15.00 for the starter pack with the toy.

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    It's a great game. Such a pity the silliness with the toys and pricing ruined its chances of being successful commercially.


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